Friday, October 9, 2009

New Job Posibility?

What I think was 2 months ago now Brian heard of a position that was opening within the company. It is a position that he has wanted for quite sometime and also comes with some perks that we do not have at the moment. The perks would include but would not be limited to - Better Hours - More Flexibility - Less Management of Employees - More Relationships with Indirect Dealers - No Crazy Holiday Hours That Leave All Of Us Drained Especially BJ - We Would Have Much More Ability To Take Our 6-8 Weeks of Paid Vacation Each Year -He Would Be Able To Make It To More Of The Kids Activities

The news came a very specific time when Brian was feeling a bit burnt out and almost felt like God was pushing him in a different direction work wise. We really felt it was a "God Thing" that the position came up at all. Now this has happened before only to have us be very excited and then not have it work out in the end, however it feels different this time. We have been waiting 2 months for an interview because the company issued a hiring freeze. In the meantime Brian kind of pulled some strings and got himself a chance to shadow someone that was already in the position, he got paid for it and everything. He was reassured in his mind that he did want the job. So he proceeded to contact the Woman in charge of hiring for the position (he is so forward it freaks me out) to express his interest and so on and so forth.

So over the last two months we have felt a melting pot of emotions, wonder, excitement, defeat, confusion. But I am proud to report that my husband got the interview it is on Thursday. She also went onto to tell him she enjoyed that he was familiar with the area that he would oversee and that she felt he had more than enough experience to prepare him for the position. Now we are trying not to let these comments excite us or tantalize or anything like that we are simply taking the comments as compliments:) But we did find out that she is only interviewing one other person and hes not from the area. We are trying to not let this excite us either its really just an extra piece of info. You can tell I am really trying to be obedient to God's Will in this situation I am not going to lie though it is tough for me!

I am just asking if you have room for an extra prayer item if you could pray that God's will will be done in this situation and that my amazing husband will see that so vividly in whatever decision is made. He works so hard for us and never complains, however I know he could really use a change of pace and scenery right now.

Thursday is the big day I believe at 11am I could be wrong on the time though.

I will keep you posted:)

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dosoates said...

Praying this goes well for you guys and that God's will will come to fruition for your family. Also... so jealous that you guys get 6-8 weeks vacation! my hubby gets TWO. lame. how about BJ's company gives JT's company a call to hash this out?! :)