Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Things Learned in A Cruise....

Brian had an idea to compile a list of things we learned on the cruise. Everyone wrote down something so here goes.

-I still feel like I am rocking and I have been off the boat for two days.

-Hotel rooms are non-refundable but plane tickets are...go figure?

-Adults have "adult chemicals" and are therefore not allowed in the kiddie pool...It made sense at the time:)

-No matter how hard you wish a granola bar on the airplane tastes nothing like the lobster on the boat!

-Cruising gives a new meaning to second helpings and thirds.

-A bucket if coors is cheaper than a shot of tequila.

-A round of Tequila in Ensenada is Costs less than a bucket of coors on the boat.

-Robyn has a strange interest in hidden henna.

-A smoothie is not always something you drink.

-Someone should tell the cruise director about 2 ply that stuff barely qualifies as 1/2 ply.

-Chelsi, Chelsi, Chelsi...

-Don't make eye contact with the sombrero guy.

-The front desk has an unlimited supply of sea-sick medication.

-Stand up before you flush or the suction may suck you down the chute

-The bottle of water in your room costs more that a drink at the bar.

-Bring your own conditioner they only stock shampoo and shower gel in the shower

-Make sure the showerhead is angled correctly or you'll find the curtain attached to your butt.

-4 people can get ready for dinner at the same time in an inside cabin.

-1 8x10 picture is $30 but a 5X7 and 4 wallets is only $10

-If the bartender knows your name and your drink you've been drinking too much.

-Getting to the hot tub before 8 am is wrong.

-How many can fit in the hot tub anyway?

-Cheers gah gah gah

-Don't underestimate how late your parents and grandparents can party....

-The cruise ship is the only time you will find men entering a hairy chest contest in speedos and find it funny.

-You can catch so many fish that you get tired of pulling them in.

-Cruise ship cabins do not have clocks you may find yourself feeling like it is time to get up to only realize after showering and getting dressed it is 4:30 am not 7:30 Bummer!!

Last and final thing learned cruise are a lot more fun then I ever thought they could be!!

Randoms from the ship!

We spent most days relaxing in the hot tub, eating, and just hanging out. At night we had dinner all together at 6pm in the dining room and then raced to karaoke where we stayed most nights until 12am which was a blast for all ages. Even grandpa and grandma stayed what a hoot. I can not explain how much fun we had and feel really lucky to be part of such a big family that really does enjoy spending time together. So thanks for keeping me guys!! Really I don't have a single negative thing to say. The next post will be titled you know you are on a cruise....
P.S. isn't our family good looking!!!:):)

Video of Taco Road!!

Seriously how funny!!


We pulled into the sun on Saturday it was nice and warm and did I mention sunny!! We walked around a bit and had lunch at a fabulous taco nook with absolutely delicious tacos. I am posting a video as well to share with you the ambiance. Everytime someone looked remotely tourist they would all start yelling and offering including their first born to get you to stop and eat. What a blast. Good Food Good Friends Good Times.

Towel Art....

I am taking guesses as to what you think our towel art is supposed to be!! I will post what they really are in couple of days! They leave these on your bed with pillow mints at night.

Cruise Part One Nicoles Wedding

So this was the main reason we were cruising...to celebrate with Nic and Nicole!! They are married now I can't believe it. We are so happy for them. It was so much fun to spend the morning getting Nicole ready with Kristin what a bonding time. I am truly lucky to be surrounded by sisters. Nicole looked gorgeous(nic didn't look to bad either:)) and it was pretty special to be there with a little over 30 people all celebrating the same thing. The reception was directly after the ceremony where we shared some food and watched a truly hilarious slideshow Nic had made. This wedding really involved very little stress once it got started it was fabulous. Thanks for inviting us to go along with you guys what a blessing to be able to watch people start there journey together .... we love you!

Monday, January 26, 2009

We are home...

from the cruise that is. We had so much fun and are so thankful for the time we got to spend with our family and friends. Seriously no one person should be able to experience this much fun in 4 days!! It was so nice to spend sometime with Brian as well with no responsibilities or kids, although I was so glad to come home and kiss their little cheeks today! I will post more pics tomorrow.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Not very often that you read about me on here. However I just thought I would give people a little update. Last week I had a Doctors Appointment and found out that I will be having a partial hysterectomy at the end of February. It is something that Brian and I were aware of for quite sometime now however I thought I had a couple of more years before it would need to be done. I am freaking out a little bit however overall I am doing pretty well. At this point the main worry is recovery time. Dr. Cook said the first two weeks will be the worst because he really does not want me to be doing anything at all, but after the first month I can slowly and he emphasized slowly start trying to get back to normal. I am a horrible patient when it comes to asking for help or letting others do for me. I also am very involved in everything my kids do so it will be an adjustment for awhile. So you can pray that I will have patience and much faith through this time. You can also pray for BJ because his plate is going to be very full as well with me being off my feet. In the meantime you need not worry about me I am experiencing some discomfort but beyond that I am fine. I have limits on exercise and I can't skydive or bungee jump but beyond that I can do anything I normally do as tolerated. Thanks to those of you who have already been praying for us we are very thankful.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Grace Cleaning the House.

This is what Grace wears to clean the house. She is currently looking for a new job. Let us know if she will meet your requirements.

Sledding down the staircase..Sound like a good idea..right?

I was making meatballs the other night when I heard giggling on the staircase...never a good sign. I walk around and they are just getting started with their "good idea". Elliots to smart to admit to what they are doing so I resorted to asking Grace. She says me and my boy (her affectionate name for Elliot) are going sledding(on their beanbags mind you). Well long story short I told them this was not a good idea yet they still didn't understand. We decided to agree to disagree.

Grace Professional Recital Pics

They are finally in and they are so cute if I must say so myself. I am going to get them printed today so everyone will finally have a new Grace picture. Isn't the group shot priceless...haha.