Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Precious Puppies

Since I have so much free time I decided to get our dog pregnant and hopefully have some puppies. Well it worked. We now have three little puppies. We have named them Pretzel, Dinah and Greta. Dinah is the brown one and we are keeping her. The one on the bottom of the pile is Pretzel and the one with the tiny little cute girl face is Greta. Yes I realize new owners will most likely change their names however we will have them for 8 to 9 more weeks so black boy and black girl are just not going to work. If you or someone you know wants one let me know and they can stake their claim. They are adorable!!

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

Whats a Mom/Auntie to do when her slip slide melts from water temperature being to hot in the hose and then resorts to sprinkler that falls apart in her hands 2 minutes later. Oh and did I mention she only had two popsicles left in the freezer that she split between the four children. Really she says to her self, Really. We ll since she doesn't have a big enough car to tote 4 children to a nearby pool or creek she proceeds to spray water from the hose on broken slip and slide and when that gets boring she fills empty dish soap bottle with water and sprays it on the slide to create a really quick trip. When she gets hot her self she hops in the small wading pool that was already past occupancy with the four children. When dinner rolls around she calls overpriced pizza place to order some dinner and has it delivered she over tips the delivery boy because she is so thankful for the delivery service. Then she feeds the children. When feeding time is over she allows children to play video games in the only air conditioned part of the house and tries not to melt herself. What do you get at the end of this day one tired Mom/Auntie but 4 happy kids. I love that my niece and nephew moved home it provides for hours of fun and lots of giggles!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

This post is for my parents and any that have ever thrown a wedding for their children

I am going to use this post to thank my parents and any that have thrown a wedding for their children. I know I am not just speaking for myself but for all daughters around the world who have been blessed with a beautiful wedding day. I have realized in the past few years what it means to sacrifice for your children. And a wedding is most times just that. It is not just monetary but physically and mentally draining. I know my dad jokes about being so glad that he is done financing weddings, and I know that that is partly very true but I also know how much he loves to make us happy!! For that I am forever thankful. For that I will always love you guys! For that I will always do the same for my kids!

Cutest Grandparents Ever

if you know me well you know I love my grandparents more than most!! They are amazing and wonderful to me and haven taken care of me in more ways then one. My Grandma is the stereotype Grandma she sews, bakes, cooks, quilts and loves her grandkids. My Grandpa is not the stereotype he sews, quilts, plays video games, but loves his grandkids just like most grandpas:) I was so happy my grandparents could make it to my sisters special day and I know she was to!! I love this picture it made me cry when I saw it, I know how lucky I am!

Sadie Sadie Married Lady:)

My Emi got married this weekend I guess she is officially Jamies Emi. What a beautiful HOT day yesterday. The day went smoothly and everyone had a lot of fun. I don't think my hair was even that big on my wedding day however I think it looked great and it wouldn't be Emilys wedding without big hair and sparkly jewelery:) These are just a few of my favorite pictures of the day. Now off to Mexico for the two of them for some R & R.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another year older.

This year has been a good one. Some chapters ended and some have just begun. I am so blessed I can't stinkin believe it. I have good friends and great family. Cute kids and the most amazing husband in the entire world. In fact my husband is so amazing that I bought him a present on my birthday this year because I just felt like I couldn't have got through this last year without him. God is good and he is helping me accomplish things that I could have only dreamed of a year ago. I am so thankful for all that have and am given daily it is hard to express without tears in my eyes. So bring on another year I'm ready. Nothings standing in my way!!

A Interesting Ending to A Perfect Day.

So as I am experiencing what I would call Catering Bliss. I realize that our caravan or three cars has turned into just me. About that time I get a call from my husband that there is a problem with my car:( He was following behind the volvo and apparently the BBQ decided to hop through the back window. I can say that i think I handled this pretty well. No one was hurt and the car is material and the window was replaced. I guess I can sum this all up in one of Brian and I's code words AWESOME:)

And The Wedding Day Has Arrived!

Wedding Day was Sunday. We had 100 pounds of chicken 40 pounds of Beef and 19 pounds of turkey sausage all cooked into beautiful recipes perfect for a beautiful day. The venue was gorgeous!! My staff was amazing they worked their bums off and really helped me pull off what could have been impossible. I am not sure how to describe this day other than to say it could not have gone smoother, so smooth that I think I booked one or two more weddings off of it. Yeah for the day and yeah for my amazing staff. We celebrated with Sparkling Apple Cider;)

Next Up Rehearsal Dinner

What a cute idea-A rehearsal dinner in the park with all the fancy tablecloths and really yummy food. The menu was pulled pork sandwiches, homemade coleslaw, potato salad, green salad and a fruit and veggie tray. We cooked all day Friday and then packed up and headed for Arlington. Setting up was a bit more interesting because our prep areas were picnic tables and a lot of the clean up was done in the dark. However it went perfectly and everyone enjoyed the food. Thanks Amy for all of your help!!

Jessica's Bridal Shower

I think this is a good place to start on catching up. On Thursday we started wedding celebration with a shower for Jessica. Grace was very excited because this was her first shower as a big girl and though tit was awesome that there were no boys allowed. They only picture I got was of Grace, Grandma and Baby Nolan.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Helllo From Portland

We have had a whirlwind of a week. The kids had VBS all week and prepared for a weekend of wedding food(pictures to come soon). Thursday came and the prep began. I did all of the shopping for the rehearsal dinner on Thursday and prepped and cooked all day Friday. Saturday was the shopping day for Sunday and after a few bumps in the road I found out we would be doing all cooking at my house not ideal however it was to late to panic so we made it work and after three hours of sleep from 3am to 6am we headed to Arlington and were part of one of the most beautiful outdoor weddings I have seen in a long time. The day went so smooth and in my opinion was quite perfect. We cleaned up and were out of there by 7. On our way home our BBQ Rack malfunctioned to say the least and my BBQ found itself crashing through the back window of the Volvo:( Not the call you want to get at the end of the perfect day however, no one was hurt and its only material. Monday morning I went and picked up the kids and we headed out to get the window fixed and go on a quick trip to Portland to see our favorite Bubba. (Our you tired yet I am) Well the window took 4 hours (I was told 1) and we were on the road by 4. We made it to Portland by 8 and got in the swimming pool. Normally this is bed time however the kids really needed sometime to blow off some energy. Today we went to the zoo and it was about 100 degrees out so after 2o'clock hit we decided to wrap it up and head back to the hotel for some much needed rest time. Now we are waiting for Bubba to get back from work. Oh and on top of all of this my dog has finally gone into labor and my favorite person in the world Sarah is offering Ruby her midwifery skills. I knew I should have stayed home but after some coaxing from Brian i decided after last week I needed some R and R and Ruby would probably be a few more days. Well apparently not but what can you do. So when I get home I will post some pictures from all of the happenings in our life!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Baby Sisters Getting Married

My little sis is getting hitched. My sister and her fiance have been dating for 4 years and this winter they decided it was time to get married. So today we had a shower with lots of yummy food a game or two and just some nice time celebrating Emily!! I am very excited for her big day, July 25, and know that it will be filled with good memories. So Congrats Emi I love you!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A New Hat For Grace

A ordered a new hat for grace for Fall and Winter on Etsy and it came in the mail on Thursday. Well of course I opened and of course Grace was right there so she insisted on wearing it pretty much all day. It was very nice on Thursday mind you and it is not time for knit hats, but Grace is a slave to fashion. Just a cute pic of my groovy girl!

We Are Pulling Our Teeth Out...

Elliot is really settling into six quite nicely and has lost 2 teeth in the past week. I have had to help him with the last pull on each and it is a bit comical that although he has asked me to do so he is quite mad at me after? Anyway the tooth fairy has been good to Elliot even though he says there is no tooth fairy he knows its just me and Daddy. Grandma Boat told him if he wants to keep getting the cash he might want to just play along;)
Although it is hard growing older I am starting to really like the freedom I am able to give him now and the way he has really settled into his role of big brother over the last couple of weeks. The last few days he has been so patient and kind towards her and believe me that's not what she deserves most of the time.

A Tea Party Fit For a Four Year Old Princess

My kids are taking turns having friend birthday parties every other year seeing as their birthdays are only 12 days apart. So this year it was Graces turn and she wanted to have a tea party. In her words she wanted all girls and lots of colors(whatever that means). So that's what we had. It is amazing to me still the difference between the boys and girls because I guess I am still more used to the boy thing. The girls sat and ate and colored and I actually had to prompt them to play any games. Grace had a great time though and the girls were sure cute in there best dresses:) Sorry my camera was set on the wrong setting so the pictures didn't turn out very well. But there are a few that are somewhat ok.