Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

Whats a Mom/Auntie to do when her slip slide melts from water temperature being to hot in the hose and then resorts to sprinkler that falls apart in her hands 2 minutes later. Oh and did I mention she only had two popsicles left in the freezer that she split between the four children. Really she says to her self, Really. We ll since she doesn't have a big enough car to tote 4 children to a nearby pool or creek she proceeds to spray water from the hose on broken slip and slide and when that gets boring she fills empty dish soap bottle with water and sprays it on the slide to create a really quick trip. When she gets hot her self she hops in the small wading pool that was already past occupancy with the four children. When dinner rolls around she calls overpriced pizza place to order some dinner and has it delivered she over tips the delivery boy because she is so thankful for the delivery service. Then she feeds the children. When feeding time is over she allows children to play video games in the only air conditioned part of the house and tries not to melt herself. What do you get at the end of this day one tired Mom/Auntie but 4 happy kids. I love that my niece and nephew moved home it provides for hours of fun and lots of giggles!!

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