Saturday, July 11, 2009

We Are Pulling Our Teeth Out...

Elliot is really settling into six quite nicely and has lost 2 teeth in the past week. I have had to help him with the last pull on each and it is a bit comical that although he has asked me to do so he is quite mad at me after? Anyway the tooth fairy has been good to Elliot even though he says there is no tooth fairy he knows its just me and Daddy. Grandma Boat told him if he wants to keep getting the cash he might want to just play along;)
Although it is hard growing older I am starting to really like the freedom I am able to give him now and the way he has really settled into his role of big brother over the last couple of weeks. The last few days he has been so patient and kind towards her and believe me that's not what she deserves most of the time.

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