Monday, July 6, 2009

Fourth of July!

Ever since Elliot could talk he has referred to Fourth of July as Big Boomer Day. He also has had flag underwear that he wears every year. This year however he is six, in case you were wondering, and he has informed me that he used to call it big boomer day but now he calls the big boomers fireworks. I know just one more thing to take off of my cute little kids list.
All of that aside we had an amazing day! Swimming in the pool,fishing in the pond, feeding the koi, playing in the yard, roasting smores and of course experiencing the joy and excitement of fireworks provided for a great day!! The kids had so much fun and we made until way late. As many of you know we have a very strict bedtime of 7:30 in this house and Fourth of July is pretty much the only day of the year I waiver on.
The Enertsons joined us for the first time this year with Nana and Uncle Jordan and Uncle Luke came back for another year. I hosted a pregame show of kid type fireworks before dark and then Grannys Grandpa and BJ took over for the BIG ONES. Of course my dad has a firework "guy" (surprising right:) so I think they brought home way more this year than last. So much fun!
Thanks for hosting mom and dad!! We love ya!

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