Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Precious Puppies

Since I have so much free time I decided to get our dog pregnant and hopefully have some puppies. Well it worked. We now have three little puppies. We have named them Pretzel, Dinah and Greta. Dinah is the brown one and we are keeping her. The one on the bottom of the pile is Pretzel and the one with the tiny little cute girl face is Greta. Yes I realize new owners will most likely change their names however we will have them for 8 to 9 more weeks so black boy and black girl are just not going to work. If you or someone you know wants one let me know and they can stake their claim. They are adorable!!


Jeff and Andrea Ashmore Family said...

What kind are they? So cute. Adelle is in love with puppies. We are torn, we would love to get a puppy but with a new baby around the corner....I don't know how much I am up for.

Jagers said...

They are Daschunds. I know what you mean about the new baby however we have really found ours to be catlike.