Thursday, May 31, 2012

Its a Mother, its an has eyes?

I have something living in my cupboard and its not a mouse....Its a baby scoby.

Its a what you say?
A baby scoby turning my tea into Kombucha......
Come Again?
Read this.


Read the article and see for yourself. There is plenty of info on the interwebs on the benefits of Kombucha Tea. But my support comes form my belief in the healthiness of eating fermented things. So I'm giving it a whirl. My scoby is in the process of becoming a mother. And when she's finished I will have a new scoby for someone else. Just let me know if you are interested. By SUnday I will have my first scoby baby and I will have one that I can give away every week or so after that.

My friend the farmer made the trek to get us a start from some lovely Western students...i know this is becoming less and less legit for you by the second. Anywho it tastes pretty darn good, no one has died from consumption and if it stands up for half things it promises I think its worth drinking. So we are giving it a whirl.

Add it to the list of weird things we do I suppose:) I have other friends that are growing some too now but I will allow them to remain nameless:)

So if you open my cupboard and see something winking at you don't be afraid give it a wink back and shut the cupboard.

They really don't have eyes but some have said they have seen them wave;)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ski to Sea 2012

Ski to Sea came and went.

I could tell you I went into it completely calm and collected with no reservations, feeling like the rockstar that I am;) But that would be a lie. The night before I felt sick. So many people told me how hard it was, how I would be shredded, they asked if I had good knees over and over and I replied with a laugh and a no. Sunday morning Brian and I got up at 4am and I went for a pre run and began to pray. At this point my stomach was in knots. As we got closer to the mountain I began to shiver, it was strange...I was so completely humbled by the thought of that mountain, it was crazy. But as soon as we got to the lodge and so all those people anticipating their own legs and the leg I was to do, I got pumped. Ski to Sea was an amazing thing to be a part of. Its not your average race, there is a legacy that follows and proceeds it. People come form hundreds and thousands of miles to participate and each leg includes what some would say is the impossible, the extreme.

The start of my race was so funny as well as the end. I was watching for Ben our downhill skier but really didn't expect him for another 10 or 15 minutes when all of the sudden he appeared. So you can now picture a very frantic Jessica running through the snow alongside our skier who is shouting my name Rocky style, I'm shedding my extra clothes as best I can and hoping my teammates will pick them up. Thankfully Ben and I made it to the start of my leg simultaneously. And so then I started my journey with a smile on my face and laughing hysterically at the showing we just gave everyone standing around, and you know what I had no time to get nervous again and I thanked God for that.

The miles went by so quickly and as I passed others that were getting swallowed up and spit back out by that mountain I felt no pain. My joints didn't hurt. My knees were fine. And it gave me a feeling of being delivered. This may sound dramatic but what new. I have been told no in regards to my body my whole life, Dr.'s, teachers, my parents, pretty much anyone that knows my story. And I have tell you part of me was a scrawny 8 year old girl again running down that mountain...the little girl that could never play sports, that was laughed at in gym class and teased for her excessive use of an inhaler, made fun of for her size, asked countless times if she had an eating disorder, been teased for shopping in the little girls department way past the time it was cool, that girl rocked on Sunday and that part of me was healed. That little girl ran her bun down that mountain and thanked God for every step. That girl is now almost 30 years old and in great shape. And it can all be wrapped up in a pretty package and offered back up to the heavens because God knows how much I prayed for him to heal me, to make me strong, to make me able. And he showed me how and answered my prayers. And I will just say unless the no comes from God himself it is not a no it is something to pray harder for.

So many of you may have read that the timing chips were all messed up. They were and now they are fixed. So yesterday we got my accurate timing. I had my ending time and someone wrote Bens down. That being said my official time started and 9:20 and ended at 10:22 making my eight mile run finished in 1 hour and 2 minutes. Making my average split time 7minutes and 45 seconds a mile. Not the fastest time out there but my goal was 8 minute miles and I ended up beating that.

My race ended with the hubdub waiting for me at my finish line and his starting. He grabbed my face and planted a proud kiss upon my lips. I stood there and watched him take off completely dumbfounded and in a daze. Some official lady pulled me off the course practically throwing me in the grass. I wandered around and found our things and reveled in the finish. Then I picked up our belongings, planted our chair on the side of the road and tossed pistachio shells over my shoulder, praying that Brian was experiencing the same joy I just had.

And he did. He finished in 2 hours and 2 minutes...42 miles of fast rising on that road bike of his. I was so proud and he was too!

It was great day individually but the feeling of being on a team was totally there as well. Our team did great we finished way before we thought we would. And we each had our own personal victories to share at the end. I didn't get any pictures of the actual race. But I did get some afterwards.

Wish I had a team photo but I don't. Next year....Yep there will be a next year. I want another chance at claiming that mountain.

The brewer and beejer. The brewer rocked it on the kayak leg, he had his own victory and I must had his time was rad!

And me and the Rahster.

It was a good day! Team 45 rocks ...Go Team Troubled Assets!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

10 whole years = a decade

10 years is a long time. It's not as long as 50 but I have faith with continued hard work and dedication to the commitment we will get there:)

We spent the day soaking up the beautiful sun that I know some of you prayed for. It was nearly 80 degrees in Vancouver. We walked through the city had Ramen at a Ramen house for lunch...that was phenomenal! Enjoyed an amazing concert in the middle of a beautiful park. And decided to skip dinner and head home...because we are old and 10:30pm is just to late for dinner sometimes:)

I'm pretty sure that this is my favorite picture of the day.
I'm so blessed by this man. And so happy he still likes to kiss me! I didn't promise a post without is an anniversary post after all.

In other news I pulled this out of the closet at my moms on Thursday.
I was pretty nervous to try it on. Especially when my sister said I;'m not sure that thing looks tiny....

Well that thing still fits:) Like a glove.
I loved it more than I remembered. The silk was still just as soft....the moment was quite surreal. It was was so strange to think of myself at 19 again and in the dress and how different I was and how different things were.

I've been thinking about things I would like to change for the next 10 and things that I would like to stay the same. Its amazing how much changes without you even trying. How much things grow without you even nourishing them. The things I would like to stay the same are probably pretty obvious. But the things I would like to change are pretty deep. I was thinking about hurts and hard times and what stuck out to me the most in those times. And I attempted to chisel out a few nuggets of good from each one.

The longer you are married the quicker you are to realize that the arguments are usually pretty silly. Saying sorry first doesn't seem like such a big deal. And admitting you're wrong doesn't take as much coaxing. The longer I am married the more I love Brian for his faults and the more I want to fix mine to be better for him. I love him more each day and it isn't because we are mushitty mush al the time although its easy for us to be. Its because the longer we love the easier it is to be vulnerable, and the more vulnerable you are the more your partner is able to learn. And the more I learn about Brian the more I love him.

Beejer this part is for you!! Thank you for making me a better woman everyday I am with you. Thank you for encouraging me to follow my dreams and really meaning it when you say my happiness is important to you. You have taught me what it means to love and be loved. What it means to trust and be trusted. Your heart for me is something I will never understand but something I thank God for daily. You are my best friend in this whole world. And this Team Jager stuff rocks!!

Someone gave me a statistic of kids from divorced marriages, and told me that their own marriages only have a 50% of surviving and in our situation it would be even less seeing as both sets of our parents had been divorced. Not the most supportive info you need to hear months before your wedding. And secondly this woman was pretty brave to judge our situations without even knowing the background. I remember telling her this marriage was going to be a commitment and we were a team. Her response was a scoff, I mean what do 19 year olds know. What she didn't know is this family I have now is the new family I prayed for from the time I was 5 years old, what happened on our wedding day was a fairytale for me that only had one possible ending and that was a happy one. I never told you but this is why I came to you one evening before we got married and made you promise me that we would always make this work. That no matter what we would always be together. That our kids would always have both of us under the same roof. That we would always fight for this not matter what happened. And I remember you looking at me in shock and a bit flabbergasted that I would worry this way. I am am shocked I worried this way too now. This marriage has been the thing that has brought me the most joy in my life, but that does not mean it has been free of hard work. Its a choice, being in love sometimes, but its one I will always gladly make! This marriage will always be worth fighting for!!

You are not only my dream come true but how God answered my prayers. And I don't care how cheesy this may sound to the rest of the world.....I would shout it from the tallest mountain. Aside from all of the other blessings God has given me being married to you would have been blessing enough to last me the rest of my days and that was only the beginning.

Can't wait to see where ten more years brings us babe!

This is the Jager motto. Wish we were part of this generation lets hope God is using us to build a new one that believes these words!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Whats Up For The Weekend You Ask?

Welp tomorrow is the big ten year anniversary. Thats right a whole decade. Its a pretty big deal in my opinion but more on that later.

The hubdub suprised me a few weeks back with tickets to see Bon Iver in Vancouver...Burnaby Deer Lake Park. I am so excited.

The plan is to spend the day in Vancouver, a weather dependant trip around Stanley Park. Then the rain or shine outdooor concert (if you love me at all you will pray for sun) and then dinner at this place. My nerdy fellow foodies have highly recommended it.

I am so looking forward to this day I can not even explain. We could do nothing all day and I would still be looking forward to this day.

On to the rest of the weekend.

Saturday is a Meet the Meat Open House at the one and only Cackleberry Farm. Its a chance to meet the animals on the farm and see the truly amazing and respectable job they do over there. Angry Blueberry will be providing some appetizers. Should be a good day on the farm I am looking forward to it.

Sunday...Sunday....Sunday is Ski To Sea. Not sure if you read the article Ski to Sea from A to Z in the Herald....But here is what they wrote about the running leg-
P is for....PAVEMENT: The most infamous event of Ski to Sea has got to be the running leg. Runners pound the pavement in an eight-mile torture test from the Mt. Baker Ski Area to the Shuksan Department of Transportation shed, dropping more than 2,200 feet in the process and sending runners to icy streams of runoff to seek relief for their aching knees, ankles, shins and feet. There's a reason the area's top runners stay away from this leg.

Read more here:

As if I wan't peeing my pants enough over this whole thing. This post is turning into prayer request central. I wouldn't be honest if I didn't tell you my right inner hip has been a bit sore...not in pain there is a difference but sore for sure. So pray for it please.
We had our first and last team meeting last night. Everyone is pumped and ready to go. The first four legs have to be up to the mountain by 7 that makes for an early morning. Double fist pumps for new adventures!

Monday is the annual Meat Feed for the men in my life. Brians friends have an annual BBQ called Meat Feed where all they eat is meat. This year Brian and my Dad fashioned a rotisserie spit with a working motor and they will be using it to roast a suckling pig.

Monday for the chicks includes a trip to the spa. That sounds a million times better than meat feed to me.

With all that being said it is a huge weekend of celebration and new experiences. One that will go down in my own little history book I am sure!

My friend the Farmer says posts without pictures are boring......

I promise pictures tomorrow. Maybe some that are from the blast from the past category. Come back tomorrow to celebrate ten years with us. They have been epic!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Guess What?


My rhodies bloomed over the last few days. Isn't that bloom gorgeous!

If you have read my blog for any time you know I search for their blooming to signify the approaching of my anniversary. A mark of our wedding day. They were in our wedding ceremony. My grandfather grafted them together and grew them up himself with my mom. I told Brian a week ago I didn't think they would bloom in time this year...but with all of the beautiful weather last week they caught up and it happened. And they are just as beautiful as always!

Not much to share today. At school the state accreditation board will be our our classrooms...nothing terrifies me more, than having someone critique me and my little pupils. So wish me luck or even better say a little prayer:) I mean I am incredibly capable don't get me wrong but I'm not a "real" teacher;)

Have a super day homies I'll be back tomorrow with something more substantial.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My office is better than yours!

When I work in the moo I get to cook how I like. I get to splurge on all of the tasty ingredients I want to. And I have a spectacular corner office with a beachfront view. Its kind of amazing.



But more than the spectacular view and the great clients and the even better staff I get to work in my God given gift of hospitality. I love to cook, I love to serve, and I am satisfied with a yum in my direction.

Being able to work within your calling is a blessing, and sometimes when talking to others I realize it is also a luxury. The fact that my husband makes enough money to provide for us allowing me to work as often as possible or little as possible is the main reason I am able to go a couple months at a time without a job, or turn down a job that I don't wish to take. It makes it possible to stick to my guns about the integrity of my food, where it comes from and how it is prepared. I can bask in the loveliness of cooking exactly how I feel God has called me to . And it makes me feel spoiled but ultimately blessed.

Elliot was troubled with what he wants to be when he grows up the other day. We had our normal deep discussion and he asked what I thought God wanted him to be. I was able to tell him that if he continued to be obedient in Gods plan that God would more than lay out Elliot's calling for him. I was able to tell him in his calling he will find great fulfillment and happiness. And the main reason I was able to tell him that is because I have done it. God blesses me in it everyday. It doesn't matter if I am hosting in the moo or my little family of four at home it provides the same joy....and I am 100%serious. If you ask me how I feel about cleaning the bathroom its a whole other story;)

I am not sure why I am sharing this with y'all, but why do I share half of the stuff I share on this old blog.


This was the main course on Saturday, glazed salmon with a mint and pea orzo with feta and a Beet, Fennel and orange salad with a citrus vinaigrette. It was a lovely meal if I do say so myself. And just so you know I don't usually tell stories about my clients but I have one that moans over her liking for my orzo and risotto. Yep, I can hear her all the way in the makes me happy.

And just to keep it real and show you that it isn't always gourmet around here, I thoroughly enjoy serving cereal to these two for breakfast from time to time.
And Elliot perches like that on his stool every morning. He says its comfortable. And Grace regularly pokes Elliot to annoy him...they may be my rowdiest clients but I sure love them the most!

Friday, May 18, 2012

How bout some pics.

Catering tomorrow. In the Moo. Feeling Nervous and Excited.

So how bout some pics to provide for a very superficial surface level post?

This is how I shop. The Rah and I have an understanding if we are shopping without the other we can send pics via text message to ask for the others opinion. It actually works really well.

I bought this dress for a date with the hubdub next weekend. He's taking me on a date for our anniversary even though we already celebrated with our vacation. He planned the whole day but more on that later. The best thing about the dress was it was on massive sale. Reg. 79 on sale for 20....winning!

Must have been a blue sort of day in Seattle.

And one last one of the Joshy. I took him for a run yesterday in the jogging stroller. He made car noises the whole 4 miles.

Ski to Sea in T-minus 10 days. Its going to be major.

Thats it for today. More this weekend with food coverage from the Moo.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sometimes things are not as planned but oh so perfect in the end.

Mom guilt is a sneaky little devil. It attempts to crawl in at the most random times and insert itself into places it does not belong and we moms lack the brilliance to disregard it from time to time.

Last night was almost one of those times. Actually it was a bit of one of those times.

Yesterday we had an amazing opportunity to spend some time with our friend Bob who lives in Nicaragua. He was flying into Seattle last night and it was the only time we would have to see him while he was here. So what do the two oldest Jagers do...we decide to make an evening out of to Seattle see a good friend and enjoy an evening. Well the evening was meant to start about 4 hours before it did...and I thought we would be home at a decent time, but thats not how it worked out. Poor Bob's plane was delayed not once but twice at two separate airports and we were already in Seattle so we decided to wait anyway. By 10:30 he was in Seattle and we went to get a somewhat second dinner and enjoy some conversation and base touching with a friend that we don't get to see - ever. I am so glad we made the effort and double glad he was excited about seeing us after about 18 hours of travel:)

What i was missing from being at home was sort of silly. My kids have summer birthdays which means they don't have birthdays that fall during the school year. So being that they have fabulous teachers they always have their parties sometime around now in their classes. I thought I would be home last night to spend my normal inordinate and unnecessary amount of time making them their typical custom cupcakes but since we didn't get home until 2am that just wasn't going to happen. My mom said just go to Safeway buy some cupcakes in the section they call the bakery:) Brian said thats so smart pop them on your own tray no one will ever know the difference. Here's the deal...Jessica Jager doesn't do the bakery at the grocery, and it has nothing to do with anyone else its just my gig. I feel called to spend the time on my kids in this way and I laid a huge slab of mom guilt on myself when I realized I wasn't going to be able to keep up with the tradition. Life goes on is what I should have said, I should have bought the darn cupcakes and moved on. Well this morning I had to pick my kids up from my moms and get them to school by 8:30 and have their treats to school by 10. Cupcakes were so not going to happen in that amount of time. God knew I needed a reality check and he sent it to me in the form of my sister who is a fresh new mom. I was talking to her on the way to get the kids and she asked what time the cupcakes needed to be at school she laughed at me with my reply and said so not going to happen. Then she went on to say,"Here's what you are going to do...go pick up doughnuts, its practically breakfast time those kids don't need all that sugar in the morning." Pause two reasons I loved this, first off she's a genius, and second those doughnuts have just as much sugar if not more than the cupcakes:)

So what did I do, I went to the bakery and bought maple bars for Elliot's class and sprinkle doughnuts for Grace's. Showed up at school read a book to Grace's class passed out doughnuts, walked across the hall to Elliot's class passed out doughnuts sang Happy Birthday and God Bless You Today....and guess what my kids were blessed(ultimate goal), they thought I was rad and I wasn't stressed at all. Win, WIn, Win, Winning:) My wise MIL told me once that Mom guilt is for the birds and you know what she is so right. With a bit of reformulating the brain and regrouping your thoughts and listening to others advice you could skip over all that stuff and move on like the rockstar you are! MOMS UNITE:)




Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mothers Day 2012

I had the perfect Mothers jokin.

Really all it takes is these two oh and the Daddyman.
They were yelling I love my Mom when this picture was taken:)

First off the hubdub and Kristin spoiled all the moms in our family with a beautiful lunch and if that doesn't make you jealous enough look what the hubdub made. Yep turkey on Mothers Day thats how we roll.IMAG0860

After lunch was through the kids surprised with a trip to my favorite beach around here. The funny thing was when we got there our neighbors were there too. It was great the kids played in the sand and we got to chat for awhile. Everyone was happy and relaxed. This is my idea of the perfect Mothers Day.
Aren't they cute?

Then they took me out to dinner at Fiamma where I had the greatest burger I have ever eaten in my lifetime!! Bold statement but couldn't be truer. First off I must tell you I love me some Fiamma Burger, organic local ingredients, made fresh, a dip station...I mean come on folks. And the kids meal is $3.75 for something that is actually healthy. Its the bomb, no jokin.
Okay so my burger, not so healthy probably but oh so good. A patty with a fired egg, fresh made onion shoestrings, special sauce, prosciutto, oh man don't get me started so good!

And if you give a Mama some Fiamma she will have to go to Mallards afterward.
And since my little family knows all my favorite things it was already in the plans:)

And every good Mama will share her scoop. Its just the way it is!

My name is Jessica Jager, I love anything rhubarb including ice cream and being a Mom is where its at. I have the best two kids in this whole world! I am blessed beyond compare!

And totally unrelated but related at the same time, while stealing photos from Brian I found this one. It makes me love these two so much my heart hurts:)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mom Stuff...Grace Edition.

God knew I needed a little girl of my own. It wasn't because I needed pink dresses and ponytails and shopping and the like although that is all very fun and lovely. In a strange way Grace has healed me. God has used Grace to heal me. Its not her job and she will never realize but she is so much part of my story. God brought some of my junk full circle through mothering Grace.

After I found out I was pregnant with a girl I started having nightmares, followed by anxiety attacks. I had a insatiable unrealistic need to protect my Grace and I didn't feel like I could do it. I feared the world to be a dangerous place for her. My nightmares were of her experiencing my real life nightmares as a child, experiences that I had experienced, situations I had that I wasn't able to be protected from. It was nothing short of excruciating and painful and damaging for me. It was hard on everyone. Some morning I couldn't leave the house. As soon as Brian lef the house in the morning I would have to check on Elliot and lock all the doors and windows. As you can imagine it wasn't long after all this started I found myself in therapy....much needed and helpful and something I do not feel shame for. Turns out this happens to women like me from time to time. The nightmares are so real its as if every little detail is happening to you again. My therapist said that sometimes pregnancy triggers corners of your mind to open and all of the things you hid and suppressed are pulled to the surface...mix this with pregnancy hormones and lack of sleep and being sick, you have a recipe for disaster. Through the help of my therapist who is a pastor and Gods prompting I was able to work though it all and realize that it had little to do with my mothering abilities and realized Grace would be just fine.

It has been through mothering Grace though that God has been able to heal my hurts, my voids and my scars. He has shown me that I can be the mother I so desired for her, I can protect her and she is being brought up in a world of innocence and grace....two things I wasn't able to have. I am able to give her the things i so deeply desired as a little girl. I am able to give a safe place when she feels unsure and ultimately protect her from the things she finds scary. We have already experienced uneasiness, fear, discomfort and the like, she can tell me, she knows that I will listen and she is only 6. It is a beautiful thing to be Grace's mother.

With Grace comes a lot of fun. She is sassy, she is confident, she is honest and boy does she know what she wants from this world. She is her own girl, with no need to please others and no need to go along with anything she doesn't want to. I may nurture these two things more than most would...I think its quite lovely. She is completely beautiful on the inside as well as the out.

Her blonde hair, dimples and rosebud lips are hard for me to resist. I could just kiss her all day. I told her yesterday, that on Mothers Day I like to hold her hand. She replied with, Mom on everyday you like to hold my hand. She caught me. I just can't get enough of her tiny little hands and everyday they become less tiny.
Grace helping me in the garden.

Gracer I just love ya girl. I say it all the time but I can not wait to see how God uses you in this world. You are an amazing little lady and I love you to the moon and back again!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mom Stuff...Elliot Edition.

I've been pondering much lately over what type of mom I really want to be for each my kids. You may think it is a bit late to ponder such thing but I think its important to reevaluate and evolve - if you will - as time goes on. My kids change as the sun sets and that calls for new techniques, new goals , new approaches. This job ain't for sissies you know. Its stupid hard sometimes.

I would like to say that I mother both of my cherubs the same, but lets face it I don't, its impossible. I try to be fair but fairness is all relative. Each one of them was made perfectly how God intended and they weren't made with the same cookie cutter. This means they each have their own needs, own ways to be loved, different weaknesses and strengths. And I find with this all being said that is my job to love, nurture, discipline, support, discourage, etc. accordingly.

The day Elliot was born my heart grew to a point that I can not even describe. I never knew its was possible to love this unconditionally, this fully. I will never forget the first time I laid eyes on his tiny face with his wrinkly old man forehead and nose that seemed just the slightest bit to big for his little sweet face. These memories are the type that make your throat burn and your heart beat. It was as if the whole room fell silent it was just him and I and my utmost thankfulness to a God that would use me to create something so utterly perfect, so utterly flawless. I remember almost breathing him in completely. I remember immediately cataloging each feature, each noise, each wrinkle, each mark. And I remember feeling so connected to the calling of being his mother. Its these moments that I find it hard to believe that others would deny the existence of a heavenly father, its beyond control, its instinctual something that I was created to do.

Being Elliot's Mom means being patient with his infinite questions, he has a mind that wants to learn the ins and outs of every little thing, no wrong left unturned no corner to dark. This quality is one that can drive insane but his brain is also something that I stand in awe of, he learns so quickly and he is always, always thinking, there is no brain down time for the E. Being Elliot's Mom means being sensitive, oh man he needs love this kid, he needs reassurance, there is no one that is harder on themselves then this little guy, he strives for perfection in all things, its hard to watch, but something we are working on. Being Elliot's Mom means taking the time to talk, hes a hasher, he likes to weed through the hard stuff, he's a feeler and a lover of the world, out of both of my kids he understands Jesus love the most, it makes me proud and breaks my heart at the same time. Being Elliot's Mom means not always being able to take the easy road, things are hard for him and in turn hard for me sometimes but there is so much reward.

I love being Elliot's Mom and I know that God selected me for the job perfectly.

We went on a date yesterday and he said lets make sure we can spend the most amount of time just me and you as we can. Melt...... We had ice cream, ran some errands ate sushi and the whole time I felt like the most blessed Mama in this whole world. He reminds me of his Dad in the way that I we can anything or nothing together, if its just the two of us thats enough to make the day special...I'm a lucky lady, and someday Elliot will make another lady very happy in this way....he has a gift.

Elliot you are a blessing to me. The thing I hope to teach you the most is that there is nothing to big to conquer if Jesus is in your heart. And that failure is really just an opportunity to grow, its nothing to be afraid of. And lastly that God has a purpose planned just for you.....find it and hold on, in this you will find true happiness.


We have had a saying since Elliot was about 2 1/2, one day I said you k now Elliot you are my dude, and he replied yep you are my girl mom. We still say this to each other now, its our way of saying I love you...and if either of us needs a little pick me up we say our half and the other completes it.

Elliot you are my dude, I love that you call me Mom!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Memories that Swirl.

My grandmother sewed for me as a child and as a teenager and a bit as an adult. Until I was in 3rd grade I can't remember wearing any dress that wasn't made by her hands.

But now my Grandma sews for Grace. I can see the joy that it brings both of them but my Grandma especially. I took Grace over to my Grandmas today for a final fitting of a new skirt. After Grace put it on my Grandma began to pin the waist band and Grace began to squirm. And this is when the memories began to swirl. Memories of trips to the fabric store to pick out patterns and fabrics. The sound of the sewing machine whizzing away. I could remember myself at 6 years old being fitted for a skirt with my Grandma's cold fingers and the fear of being poked by pins. And my Grandmothers words...Well hold still or I'm going to poke you. And that is exactly what she said to Grace with the same sweet smile on her face and chuckle in her voice.

I hope Grace remembers this some day. Its the simple stuff that is held most important to me most of the time.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Yesterday Was Beautiful

I think spring has was so nice and warm yesterday! The kids didn't have any school yesterday so we had planned on getting some projects done in the morning and than go for a little reward when I got home from teaching in the afternoon. Brian has Monday's off so we were all able to enjoy the afternoon together.

First stop Everybody's Store in Acme, followed by a drive in the country with the wind blowing through our hair, tunes ont he radio and then ending with a BBQ at Grans.

I gave grace a pair of old frames that I took the lenses out of so she could use them for dress up. She wore them all day yesterday. We called her a hipster...I think they look pretty cute!

And look who else showed up for the BBQ....

Are those not the cutest little toes in flip flops you have ever seen?

So there you have it. A beautiful day spent together!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Happy Cinco De Mayo Homies.

Yep its 12:45 am and yes I'm blogging. I have been sick this last week and my sick turned into my once yearly visit from my friend bronchitis. So I picked up my beloved little seven day pack of prednisone yesterday and started them this morning. I never sleep when I am on the stuff even with nyquill on here I sit.

Luckily my lame morning spent in bed watching Breakfast at Tiffanys while my awesome MIL spent time with the kiddles, turned into an afternoon where I pulled myself out of my hermit shell, threw my body in the shower, pulled on some halfway decent clothes, brushed my teeth and attempted to throw an out this world amazing Cinco De Mayo party with my two little cherubs. Elliot came home from school weeks ago and asked we could celebrate Cinco De Mayo this year, and well this Mama doesn't turn down a party that is surrounded around food we made decorations invited Uncle Jordan over and celebrated like the rockstars that we are. I was sick but I did my best to not let it show to much. And yes it was all about the party not so much the meaning behind the holiday, we did listen to fiesta music and have a mini dance party so I would say we hit some cultural high points.?

May I introduce you to the party planners?
The amazingly talented Jager Sibs.
If you have a boy then you feel my pain in the photo dept. Not sure I will ever get him to give me a real smile again its all about keepin it real these days. And I would like to say Grace is going through a posing stage, but lets face it she's done that her whole life, some days more than others.

I saw a cute idea for mini pinatas on pinterest(yep I'm hooked), and so we but our own flare on them. Even Elliot helped and he is so not arts and crafts, he finished one in the time Grace did 4, and it all roles down with his Type A personality. Everything has to be perfect. We were trying to follow a color pattern and Grace told me I think it would look more natural if we just mixed all the colors up (Yep she's 6 folks, I'm in trouble).

I think they turned out really cute. From this point Grace switched to full time decorator and Elliot helped me int he kitchen. I believe in letting them be as hands on as they want at this point. If I may go off on a little tangent I have learned the more involved I let them be in their food the more they will be willing to try. So far its worked for me...just saying. Elliot moved up to stove work tonight....yes I was standing right next to him at the cutting board the whole time and as you can see fromt he pictures he decided to wear both oven mitts just in case...It is also my intention to make sure he can make more than mac and cheese and noodles before he moves out of this house.


The decorator ate a blue dum dum while working. And yes there are giant boxes in my living room...we are not moving...teacher appreciation week is blowing up in my living room. Also there are shoes everywhere, I would blame it on the sickies...but really we live here and so this is reality sometimes.
In other news Grace made a game up of pin the flowers on the cactus that is what is ont he door. She also made us flowers for our hair and taped them to barrettes. She's pretty creative, That Grace.

I mean really am I not so incredibly blessed....

And the final product. Tacos(pork or beef), guac, pico, homemade beans, yummy mexi rice, and all the rest. Yummers.

And in case you didn't see it the moon was real "super" tonight.

And last but not least...I finished reading the book of Job today. Brian found it odd that I chose that book to read. But let me tell you it was real good, I chose to read it in the Message but I think I will go back and read it in my study Bible as well. More to come on this later.

Welp, I'm going to try and sleep again. If I can't I will try and count the number of times Beejer exhales until sunrise. He falls asleep in about 10.3 seconds after his head hits the pillow, happy for him, but oh does it make me jealous:)

TaTa for now.

And one last P.S. I turned the word verification off on my blog comments so comment away. I had heard this was making things difficult so I'm giving it a whirl.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

They WIll Know We Are Christians By Our Love.

Yesterday I picked up the paper to see a picture of the once revered Dutch Village Mall. How sad that is in the shape that it is in. Maybe you remember that the Angry Blueberry attempted to open a restaurant there. Some of you also know that the Angry Blueberry also lost some money in that venture. I did not have a good experience there. But here is the deal, those things happen in business. This is not what my feelings from the article are about though. My beef has to do with the need the author of this article felt to slander this business owner. To use his name and recite "anonymous" comments made by previous tenants. Is it necessary to berate someone in such away to get your point across? Does it stink that the mall is in such disrepair? YEP! Will it help to tear this man to pieces that was created by the same God as you and me....NOPE. What would help is if someone could buy it....I have seen for sale signs. I also know this guys runs a hard bargain....but some situations are not easy to deal with and our calling is to pray and wait. Not try to hurry things along with sharp words and forked tongues.

I am watching a similar situation happen to two dear friends of mine. I love them to bits. They have been good to me since the moment I moved into my neighborhood. Loved me at times like a daughter. Supported me, prayed for me, my children, my family. Come alongside in times they needed not. And yet I have heard on first account people attempting to tear them to shreds. They will not be torn. They will only be strengthened because God does that for the persecuted. He refines us in our times of struggle, He helps us to learn not only from our shortcomings but the shortcomings of others.

I can not help but question have we not been called to exhibit Grace and Love in all times and in all things? Ever heard the oldie but goody, They will know we are Christians by our love.? How often to we fail to follow this commandment, this claim. How often do we forget to love, we preach self control and grace but we leave it in our beds in the morning. Instead at times we bring our ugly mouths to the table and allow the sin to fill our breath, before remembering that it is God that gave us those mouths to preach the good news and to LOVE. To pull one another up not push one another down. What good is it to fill the air between you and another with ugliness.....God does not use it for what you intend. The truth will shine through and the lies will fall to ashes.

I felt ashamed to be a part of this town yesterday. As this story was on the front page...a witness to how we must treat others in this town. And I have been ashamed recently to be part of a body of believers that have failed to love in times of struggle and disagreement. There are ways to make your opinions known, ways to share your beliefs-even if the differ from others-, there are ways to disagree, in a way that is glorifying to God. In ways that leave none with bad feelings. We don't see it often but it can be done. My MIL always says bad feelings fester and that is so true. Bad feelings can fester if we leave them in and even when we let them out if we don't respond to Gods commandment to love and show grace first.

Heck in my own little group of the closest friends we have different viewpoints on all the(what we like to call) big things, religion, politics, social status, schools for our children. But do you know what reigns...our ability to love one another for who God has made each of us to be in Him, not what we wish one another to be. That is what I wish myself and those around would remember to to do in all times...not just in the relationships we hold important. That we would remember the guy that cuts us off in the roundabout is just as important to God as my best friend. And I should to react as such.

I think we are all guilty of these mistakes I know I am, yet I am trying to learn and it has become easier for me to catch myself and repent more regularly. The quicker I realize my own shortcomings the easier it is for me to love others for theirs. It is quicker to remember that we are all saved by Grace the very thing we are called to exhibit, and thankfully so...because I fall short everyday.

I don't mean to be preachy...if anything this a reminder for me. You all just get the privilege of reading the thoughts in my brain...Lucky you:)

They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Love

We are one in the Spirit, we are one in the Lord
We are one in the Spirit, we are one in the Lord
And we pray that all unity may one day be restored
And they'll know we are Christians by our love, by our love
They will know we are Christians by our love

We will work with each other, we will work side by side
We will work with each other, we will work side by side
And we'll guard each one's dignity and save each one's pride
And they'll know we are Christians by our love, by our love
They will know we are Christians by our love

By our love, by our love

And they'll know we are Christians by our love, by our love
They will know we are Christians by our love

We will walk with each other, we will walk hand in hand
We will walk with each other, we will walk hand in hand
And together we'll spread the news that God is in our land
And they'll know we are Christians by our love, by our love
They will know we are Christians by our love

By our love, by our love

And they'll know we are Christians by our love, by our love
They will know we are Christians by our love

Love is patient, love is kind
Never boasts, not full of pride
Always hopes, always trusts
The evidence of Christ in us

Oh Mr. Sun....????

I can see Lilacs.
I can see apple blossoms.
But I can't see the sun?????????

Speaking of sun. The Jagers are beginning to enter Jager crazy season. It starts in May and ends in September. In order to cope we always plan our summer vaca right before this takes place. The hubdub says it must be warm. I say it must be somewhere new. The kids say they must have swimming. We are thinking road trip. And the hubdub says Clark Howard told him gas prices are supposed to go down...winning. So who knows where we will end up but the planning has begun.

To Be Continued....

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pho....Does a Body Good... Pass It On.

I had a fever for three days. Yuckerooni.

There is one thing I like to eat when I am sick. I like to smell the aroma and give myself a facial with the steam that rises from the bowl. And if you are real classy you just throw the whole lot in a giant serving bowl and slurp away my friends.


The broth soothes your soul, the jalepenos clear your head, the basil is just well basil and its the best, the sprouts fresh and well who can resist Pho noodles I mean come on.

I hate being sick and I suck at it. Fevers make me delirious...not kidding they make me crazy, same thing happens to my Grace. Just ask the Beejer, poor guy.

But I am better and even though I hate being taken care of the hubdub is a great match for my refusals of service. So glad to be up and around today. So glad to not have to take a nap...I hate naps(yes I may be two).

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Saturday Nights Alright!

We had so much fun Saturday Night at the Annual April Brews Day in Bellingham. The event raises money to provide activities for teens and adults with disabilities through the non profit group at the Max Higbee Center. Its a great cause and a really fun event. It includes beer tasting and judging and this year our very own Justin Bajema (the brewer) was the head judge of the whole event:)

In hindsight something you can learn from Justin is if you are approached at a cross walk by a bunch of your clinically crazy friends in a blue mini van and they are literally hanging out windows yelling at you and honking horns and playing the best music 1998 had to offer you may want to wave... our attempts at getting your attention will only get worse;)

Where's Waldo?

Two of my best girls!

Rah and the brewer.

And probably my favorite picture of the whole night....

And there you have it friends. Fun Nights are how we do:)