Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Memories that Swirl.

My grandmother sewed for me as a child and as a teenager and a bit as an adult. Until I was in 3rd grade I can't remember wearing any dress that wasn't made by her hands.

But now my Grandma sews for Grace. I can see the joy that it brings both of them but my Grandma especially. I took Grace over to my Grandmas today for a final fitting of a new skirt. After Grace put it on my Grandma began to pin the waist band and Grace began to squirm. And this is when the memories began to swirl. Memories of trips to the fabric store to pick out patterns and fabrics. The sound of the sewing machine whizzing away. I could remember myself at 6 years old being fitted for a skirt with my Grandma's cold fingers and the fear of being poked by pins. And my Grandmothers words...Well hold still or I'm going to poke you. And that is exactly what she said to Grace with the same sweet smile on her face and chuckle in her voice.

I hope Grace remembers this some day. Its the simple stuff that is held most important to me most of the time.

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Andrea said...

What a tender memory! What lucky girls.