Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Saturday Nights Alright!

We had so much fun Saturday Night at the Annual April Brews Day in Bellingham. The event raises money to provide activities for teens and adults with disabilities through the non profit group at the Max Higbee Center. Its a great cause and a really fun event. It includes beer tasting and judging and this year our very own Justin Bajema (the brewer) was the head judge of the whole event:)

In hindsight something you can learn from Justin is if you are approached at a cross walk by a bunch of your clinically crazy friends in a blue mini van and they are literally hanging out windows yelling at you and honking horns and playing the best music 1998 had to offer you may want to wave... our attempts at getting your attention will only get worse;)

Where's Waldo?

Two of my best girls!

Rah and the brewer.

And probably my favorite picture of the whole night....

And there you have it friends. Fun Nights are how we do:)

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