Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pho....Does a Body Good... Pass It On.

I had a fever for three days. Yuckerooni.

There is one thing I like to eat when I am sick. I like to smell the aroma and give myself a facial with the steam that rises from the bowl. And if you are real classy you just throw the whole lot in a giant serving bowl and slurp away my friends.


The broth soothes your soul, the jalepenos clear your head, the basil is just well basil and its the best, the sprouts fresh and well who can resist Pho noodles I mean come on.

I hate being sick and I suck at it. Fevers make me delirious...not kidding they make me crazy, same thing happens to my Grace. Just ask the Beejer, poor guy.

But I am better and even though I hate being taken care of the hubdub is a great match for my refusals of service. So glad to be up and around today. So glad to not have to take a nap...I hate naps(yes I may be two).

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Sorry you were sick. No fun!
Do you have a good pho recipe????