Thursday, May 24, 2012

Whats Up For The Weekend You Ask?

Welp tomorrow is the big ten year anniversary. Thats right a whole decade. Its a pretty big deal in my opinion but more on that later.

The hubdub suprised me a few weeks back with tickets to see Bon Iver in Vancouver...Burnaby Deer Lake Park. I am so excited.

The plan is to spend the day in Vancouver, a weather dependant trip around Stanley Park. Then the rain or shine outdooor concert (if you love me at all you will pray for sun) and then dinner at this place. My nerdy fellow foodies have highly recommended it.

I am so looking forward to this day I can not even explain. We could do nothing all day and I would still be looking forward to this day.

On to the rest of the weekend.

Saturday is a Meet the Meat Open House at the one and only Cackleberry Farm. Its a chance to meet the animals on the farm and see the truly amazing and respectable job they do over there. Angry Blueberry will be providing some appetizers. Should be a good day on the farm I am looking forward to it.

Sunday...Sunday....Sunday is Ski To Sea. Not sure if you read the article Ski to Sea from A to Z in the Herald....But here is what they wrote about the running leg-
P is for....PAVEMENT: The most infamous event of Ski to Sea has got to be the running leg. Runners pound the pavement in an eight-mile torture test from the Mt. Baker Ski Area to the Shuksan Department of Transportation shed, dropping more than 2,200 feet in the process and sending runners to icy streams of runoff to seek relief for their aching knees, ankles, shins and feet. There's a reason the area's top runners stay away from this leg.

Read more here:

As if I wan't peeing my pants enough over this whole thing. This post is turning into prayer request central. I wouldn't be honest if I didn't tell you my right inner hip has been a bit sore...not in pain there is a difference but sore for sure. So pray for it please.
We had our first and last team meeting last night. Everyone is pumped and ready to go. The first four legs have to be up to the mountain by 7 that makes for an early morning. Double fist pumps for new adventures!

Monday is the annual Meat Feed for the men in my life. Brians friends have an annual BBQ called Meat Feed where all they eat is meat. This year Brian and my Dad fashioned a rotisserie spit with a working motor and they will be using it to roast a suckling pig.

Monday for the chicks includes a trip to the spa. That sounds a million times better than meat feed to me.

With all that being said it is a huge weekend of celebration and new experiences. One that will go down in my own little history book I am sure!

My friend the Farmer says posts without pictures are boring......

I promise pictures tomorrow. Maybe some that are from the blast from the past category. Come back tomorrow to celebrate ten years with us. They have been epic!

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The Mom said...

Why oh why did you not ask me to pick a different weekend for 'meet the meat'???

PS - sunshine and healthy body are already on the prayer list. :)