Tuesday, May 29, 2012

10 whole years = a decade

10 years is a long time. It's not as long as 50 but I have faith with continued hard work and dedication to the commitment we will get there:)

We spent the day soaking up the beautiful sun that I know some of you prayed for. It was nearly 80 degrees in Vancouver. We walked through the city had Ramen at a Ramen house for lunch...that was phenomenal! Enjoyed an amazing concert in the middle of a beautiful park. And decided to skip dinner and head home...because we are old and 10:30pm is just to late for dinner sometimes:)

I'm pretty sure that this is my favorite picture of the day.
I'm so blessed by this man. And so happy he still likes to kiss me! I didn't promise a post without kissing....it is an anniversary post after all.

In other news I pulled this out of the closet at my moms on Thursday.
I was pretty nervous to try it on. Especially when my sister said I;'m not sure that thing looks tiny....

Well that thing still fits:) Like a glove.
I loved it more than I remembered. The silk was still just as soft....the moment was quite surreal. It was was so strange to think of myself at 19 again and in the dress and how different I was and how different things were.

I've been thinking about things I would like to change for the next 10 and things that I would like to stay the same. Its amazing how much changes without you even trying. How much things grow without you even nourishing them. The things I would like to stay the same are probably pretty obvious. But the things I would like to change are pretty deep. I was thinking about hurts and hard times and what stuck out to me the most in those times. And I attempted to chisel out a few nuggets of good from each one.

The longer you are married the quicker you are to realize that the arguments are usually pretty silly. Saying sorry first doesn't seem like such a big deal. And admitting you're wrong doesn't take as much coaxing. The longer I am married the more I love Brian for his faults and the more I want to fix mine to be better for him. I love him more each day and it isn't because we are mushitty mush al the time although its easy for us to be. Its because the longer we love the easier it is to be vulnerable, and the more vulnerable you are the more your partner is able to learn. And the more I learn about Brian the more I love him.

Beejer this part is for you!! Thank you for making me a better woman everyday I am with you. Thank you for encouraging me to follow my dreams and really meaning it when you say my happiness is important to you. You have taught me what it means to love and be loved. What it means to trust and be trusted. Your heart for me is something I will never understand but something I thank God for daily. You are my best friend in this whole world. And this Team Jager stuff rocks!!

Someone gave me a statistic of kids from divorced marriages, and told me that their own marriages only have a 50% of surviving and in our situation it would be even less seeing as both sets of our parents had been divorced. Not the most supportive info you need to hear months before your wedding. And secondly this woman was pretty brave to judge our situations without even knowing the background. I remember telling her this marriage was going to be a commitment and we were a team. Her response was a scoff, I mean what do 19 year olds know. What she didn't know is this family I have now is the new family I prayed for from the time I was 5 years old, what happened on our wedding day was a fairytale for me that only had one possible ending and that was a happy one. I never told you but this is why I came to you one evening before we got married and made you promise me that we would always make this work. That no matter what we would always be together. That our kids would always have both of us under the same roof. That we would always fight for this not matter what happened. And I remember you looking at me in shock and a bit flabbergasted that I would worry this way. I am am shocked I worried this way too now. This marriage has been the thing that has brought me the most joy in my life, but that does not mean it has been free of hard work. Its a choice, being in love sometimes, but its one I will always gladly make! This marriage will always be worth fighting for!!

You are not only my dream come true but how God answered my prayers. And I don't care how cheesy this may sound to the rest of the world.....I would shout it from the tallest mountain. Aside from all of the other blessings God has given me being married to you would have been blessing enough to last me the rest of my days and that was only the beginning.

Can't wait to see where ten more years brings us babe!

This is the Jager motto. Wish we were part of this generation lets hope God is using us to build a new one that believes these words!

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