Friday, May 18, 2012

How bout some pics.

Catering tomorrow. In the Moo. Feeling Nervous and Excited.

So how bout some pics to provide for a very superficial surface level post?

This is how I shop. The Rah and I have an understanding if we are shopping without the other we can send pics via text message to ask for the others opinion. It actually works really well.

I bought this dress for a date with the hubdub next weekend. He's taking me on a date for our anniversary even though we already celebrated with our vacation. He planned the whole day but more on that later. The best thing about the dress was it was on massive sale. Reg. 79 on sale for 20....winning!

Must have been a blue sort of day in Seattle.

And one last one of the Joshy. I took him for a run yesterday in the jogging stroller. He made car noises the whole 4 miles.

Ski to Sea in T-minus 10 days. Its going to be major.

Thats it for today. More this weekend with food coverage from the Moo.

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mom2m4boys said...

How cute are you. Love the dress!