Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Closet Problems....

So we have very little closet space in our house and this includes my bedroom closet. The problem is I have a condition that I like to refer to as Unhealthy Clothing Attachment. I very rarely get rid of clothing. Maybe once every couple years I will go through and just to make my husband feel better I will purge 5 or 6 items from my closet. I still own the shirt I was wearing when I met my husband, and it still fits and I still wear it from time to time. Now I know what you are thinking I am going to be the next What Not to Wear Victim well it goes farther than this, I don't even really wear them all.
Unfortunately today I think things have to change. It all started when I got home today... I found my shirts all stacked on our dresser waiting for me it appears that I can't go forward like this it is causing problems for the other clothes in the closet and some of my clothing is being evicted. My closet landlord(Brian) is saying I am in breach of my contract and must modify my belongings to fit within my allotted shirt shelf square footage. Bummer for me, I guess he is right, but what do I get rid of? Please let me know if I am alone in this battle or not?
I have enclosed pictures of the belonging sand the space it has to fit in:(

Fun Rainy Day!

Today was so much fun we started off meeting some friends at Jungle Playland which was awesome. We haven't been there since the fall and the kids have grown since then, I actually got to sit and chat with my friend Sarah and ours kids were off and about(what a new concept). After awhile the kids were hungry so we went for pizza and then a doughnut at Krispy Kreme. I know a little excessive but the Krispy Kreme thing is tradition when we go to Mount Vernon so it had to be done. The kids each picked a doughnut and they even got little hats to wear. We ended the afternoon playing in the McMurtrys playroom. This was the first day out and about with the kids and we all survived. They were on excellent behavior and minded their manners which always helps. I love being a mom again it is the best job ever!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I am anti-stretch jeans!

Now this is just a quick post on my new trauma I hate shopping for jeans which is why I own two pairs that can be worn in public. Yesterday I decided that I would buy a new pair of jeans. I shopped everywhere and everything has stretch. I think the initial thought on stretch was it would do exactly that and make jean wearing more comfortable. Well I am plenty comfortable in my jeans and stretch is annoying. It clings to all of the areas you would rather not accentuate making it very hard to find a flattering pair of jeans. I have had luck at buckle in the past buying jeans that have minimal stretch and feel appropriate however they are not always the best for the budget so I was avoiding that place yesterday. So after 20 pairs of jeans I bought a pair at the Gap that I am ok with I don't love them but they will serve their purpose. I will close with a message to all you jean makers how about making some jeans for the average women that are not mom jeans...thanks.

Broken Dishwasher....

Last year we decided to upgrade our dishwasher or so we thought well last week the start button stopped working. Bummer...well then I got smart and just started using the delay feature however now that has stopped working. When we bought this dishwasher i did all of the proper research and found tons of good ratings on maytag appliances. The one we bought was kind of middle of the road not cheap but not expensive. (Before I make my next statement I will tell you I love my husband very much and I appreciate his need to make sure we are always getting the best deal I myself am a bargain betty.) Now I know what most of you would say well you must still have a warranty ...guess again my husband is very anti-warranty he thinks they are a waste of money and no one really uses them:) Right! So anyway now I am washing dishes by hand which is fine I won't die but we will be buying a new one this weekend and I am looking for advice on which brand to buy.(we will be buying the warranty this time:)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oh how I love my children...

This morning when it was still very dark and I was in a deep sleep I was awoken by little voices and the sounds of little feet above my head. Hmmmmm...must be 6:30 or 7 the kids are up. But then much to my shock Brian was still in bed and I knew he had to leave by 6:30 so it couldn't be either of these times. The kids say: Good morning we would like to watch toons. Brian: Its way to early. Me:It can't be that early. I look at the clock oh its is only 4:45. So we attempt to put the children back to bed. By 6 o'clock we are sleeping and poor Brian is getting ready for work. I let the kids sleep instead of worrying about the kids getting to school on time which was a good idea because they slept until 8:30.
When Elliot woke up I asked him why he woke Grace up and he said he had a bad dream that Grace had a bad dream so he woke her up. We have now had the conversation that unless Grace is screaming do not go in her room. (but thanks for being a good brother though.) All in all we still had a great day and we all got where we needed to be at some point. The joy of having little children is the fact that everything is an adventure and you never know what is going to happen next.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The end of an era....

I think we are at the end of an era. I think both of my children have grown out of naps:( This is very sad my Gracie has been the greatest napper of all time since the day she was born. She was on two naps for what seemed to be a life time but loved them and needed them. Bedtime has never been a problem with this child. When she was a year old at about 6 every night she would grab her blankie and point at the stairs getting her to 7 -their actual bedtime- was always a chore. But most recently I have noticed when I lay her down for her nap she doesn't fall asleep even if I think she has I usually find that she has been quietly reading stories in her bed. Oh my kids are growing up and although I am rejoicing and enjoying this time it is breaking my heart a bit. I can't believe that they are going to be 4 and 6 in a matter of three months.
So I guess I am ready to say so long beloved naptimes. And hello to rest time times two in our house from this day forward. Bummer:(

Friday, March 13, 2009


I went for my two week post op check yesterday and I don't have a lot of news. I wasn't given any of my privileges back however I can walk for exercise once I am not tired everyday. Dr. Cook also said that my blood counts were so low that it will take awhile just to get them back to normal. So he has prescribed lots of red meat and leafy greens and lots of extra calories...yum yum:) I am feeling much better when I wake up in the mornings however by 2o'clock I am fading fast so most activity is accomplished in the morning.
I am still being blessed by meals and words of encouragement. This whole experience has been very humbling and I feel blessed beyond belief as result of all of the support I have surrounding me. I am also thankful for this opportunity to teach my children about loving and caring for others, that is a gift in itself. Life is good and the Jagers are blessed(that is what Elliot tells me lately).

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Random pics from last week.

These are just two cute pics from last week. We mostly watched TV when I was in charge which is unusual for my parenting style however you do what you gotta do. Aren't my kids cute though(and Ruby of course).

Woot there it is(I think its woop but not for this post:)

SO Brian loves to order random t-shirts from a website called Woot. They have a shirt of the day that reposts at 10pm in case you ever check it. Recently when I was in the hospital he thought he would order me a get well shirt and he ended up ordering one for Elliot as well. I had no idea he had order the shirt for me however he told there would be a delivery coming soon. Well today a large box showed up from Woot inside were 21 t-shirts and note saying "Important customer- "Congratulations" You get a mess of missprints. Regards, Woot!" Now they sent them in various sizes and themes but you would think my husband won the lottery in fact he has been calling all of his friends this morning to be recipients of the sizes that do not fit him. So props to Woot for being so awesome.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


So Friday was amazing. I didn't schedule anyone to take Grace to ballet on purpose so that I could give getting out of the house a whirl. Must I first say that I did this safely I knew I had Aunt Joanie coming at 11 for back up so I knew if it totally wore me out(which it did) I would be able to lay around the rest of the day and take it easy. Let me just tell you it was so fabulous to be out of the house for 45 minutes I felt for the first time like there was a light at the end of the tunnel. As I mentioned before Aunt Joanie did come at 11 and she cleaned my house for me...amazing. Brian was doing a great job keeping on top of things but the bigger jobs really needed to be done like floors and the bathroom and there was a ton of laundry to be folded. I will never be able to thank her enough for coming and helping me out. The kids ended the day by being able to go to the park with Brian and enjoy some fresh air. He even took pictures for me to be able to post.
Well to wrap this post up the last two days have been very encouraging My pain has really changed into something that is manageable and not really anything to even talk about. The last two days I have gotten out of the house even if it is for an hour I am so happy about it. I feel like it will just be a matter of building up my energy and I will be back in business.
Thanks for all of your prayers they are very much felt and appreciated.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My army of support....

My little family are so thankful to all who have been providing meals, childcare, phone calls, visits flowers, etc. I would have already crumbled had I not had this support from our amazing group of friends and family. I pray often in thankfulness for all of you daily as I am blessed by all that you do if I had a picture of each of you I would put it at the top of this post however it would take up far to much space. So you know who you are so insert picture here and know that we love you!!

Difficulties....do not read unless you are prepared for much whining...it was bound to happen..

It has been a hard couple of days. Last night was my first time having my kids all by myself to take care of since my surgery a week ago. Oh man I thought no problem its just from 5-7 I have dinner being brought to me how hard can this be. Well let me just tell you I feel as if I am totally failing my children right now it is so hard to be in pain and in the middle of exhaustion and feel like you can't do anything like you usually can or would. On top of this my kids really are experiencing this with me and seem to be revolting against my current predicament. Yesterday when Grace got home she crawled up to my lap and just had a good cry and Elliot seems to be pushing my every button....and the worst part is it is not their fault at all I just curl up in my Fathers lap lately and cry too. This morning getting them off to school and the neighbors went much the same and I wonder as they leave my arms do they really know that I love them I feel as if I was a taskmaster all morning just getting them from thing to thing and not always talking with kindness and patience.
I know this is not much like my usual posts however as my Bible Study leader tells me it is important to be real with one another and really tell each other how we are doing it is not just good or fine even when we say it sometimes.
I know that even though I am feeling this way that it was important to take care of myself in this way. And if I don't take care of myself first how am I going to take care of anyone else. I just pray I can get as much rest as I need so I can recover quickly and my little family and I can get back to our normal life.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Just a little praise for my amazing husband....

So my husband is truly the most amazing man I know I and I have to remind myself every day that even though I think I do not deserve the love he has for me God thinks that I do. He has been running children to school, packing lunches, attempting to put a bun in Graces hair for ballet and lovingly reading stories and coaxing giggles out of sleepy kids at bedtime and all at the same time has taken care of me without a complaint(although I have had many about my current situation). He is the greatest dad on the face of the earth I am sure of it.
The last couple of days have been extremely difficult for me because I have been nothing more than a vegetable laying in my bed somewhat existing. I can here the giggles coming form the rest of the house however I have not had the energy to leave my bed unless it involves going to the restroom. I told myself last night that I was done with my existence as a sluggish carbohydrate and I was again ready to experience my little family even it meant from the couch. So I got up this morning and with my husbands generous help, managed to shower and pull on a pair of sweats get in the car and head up to my moms where the kids had stayed the night before. My mom babysat Elliot and I while my again amazing husband took Grace to her very first all girl birthday party. He took Grace to pick out a girly pink princess gift and stayed for the entire party. Grace had an amazing time and Brian said it wasn't to bad. I laid on the couch for most of the day soaked up a bit of pampering from my mom and even managed to sneak in a movie and snuggle time with Elliot. We ended the day with a family pizza night and stories. A perfect start to normalcy I still have a long road ahead of me and after today I am exhausted but God is good and I am truly blessed.