Thursday, May 31, 2012

Its a Mother, its an has eyes?

I have something living in my cupboard and its not a mouse....Its a baby scoby.

Its a what you say?
A baby scoby turning my tea into Kombucha......
Come Again?
Read this.


Read the article and see for yourself. There is plenty of info on the interwebs on the benefits of Kombucha Tea. But my support comes form my belief in the healthiness of eating fermented things. So I'm giving it a whirl. My scoby is in the process of becoming a mother. And when she's finished I will have a new scoby for someone else. Just let me know if you are interested. By SUnday I will have my first scoby baby and I will have one that I can give away every week or so after that.

My friend the farmer made the trek to get us a start from some lovely Western students...i know this is becoming less and less legit for you by the second. Anywho it tastes pretty darn good, no one has died from consumption and if it stands up for half things it promises I think its worth drinking. So we are giving it a whirl.

Add it to the list of weird things we do I suppose:) I have other friends that are growing some too now but I will allow them to remain nameless:)

So if you open my cupboard and see something winking at you don't be afraid give it a wink back and shut the cupboard.

They really don't have eyes but some have said they have seen them wave;)


Ed / Julie said...

I get the health benefits of the stuff, but I just don't like it!! To me it tastes alcoholic and I really don't like the taste of alcohol. Sorry - I guess I won't get the benefits of "fermented" things in any form! It's a pretty amazing process, though!

Andrea said...

I am intrigued. The detoxifying properties really interest me. I would love to have a start and give it a whirl. I too think that fermented foods are nutrition powerhouses!