Saturday, April 28, 2012

I love my Kids!

I woke up with a desire to go to the park on our bikes. It took a little effort to fish my bike out of our shed, and to get all of the tires pumped up but we did it!!
Its funny how each year the park brings new possibilities. We realize we have grown about taller, a bit stronger, a bit wiser maybe:) And as the Mama it is so fun to watch. It is so fun to watch your kids grow! And can I just add that if the giggles one hears when they spin their children on a tire swing could be bottled we would make millions.
In first grade you have learned to pump real good. You also like your hair to blow free in the wind. I watch you try to keep up with your brother and you can beat him sometimes. I pray that you never lose your vigor little one:) Someone called your big brother smart at the park today and he said yeah my Grace is smart backed him up with a math fact...100 + 100 is 200. Yep I'd say you're pretty smart too.
You have learned this year that you can be the ultimate encourager to your little sis. I love watching you two together! You are also so strong I watched you cross the monkey bars with ease this morning this morning. I also watched you lead your sister in formulating a plan on how to contact each other from across the park. You are an amazing little man.

And even though you don't like to have your picture taken, you are the handsomest little man I know!

Thanks for being over excited to go to the park with me this morning made my day.

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