Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pura Vida

Pure Life is how it's translated.....it's how the locals say hey,hello,goodbye yo,what's up.....there is no have a good day it's Pura Vida. I've been able to blog the entire time we have been here but part of me didn't because I thought I would be breaking some sort of vacation rule or something. Fact of the matter is I enjoy writing it is vacation to me in all times. And so I'm doing it today and I feel good about it. My mind has been churning in the last days as I have taken in the life we have so much. Loved getting used to here is Costa Rica. The customs and viewpoints of the world and it's value is something I have had no trouble getting behind. Most people here are all about not only preserving the beauty that surrounds them but enjoying it to its fullest as well. Speaks to my inner hippie big time:) I have been soaking up the beauty that lies in the jungle, there is a constant soundtrack of cicadas, birds,monkeys, and geckos,mixed with the sound of the waves. It is so quiet but not all at the same time...it never stops its constant . I have been beach combing trying to select the best shells and rocks and bits to brings home to my little free spirit....I know she will appreciate them as much as I do we are both feelers of the wind(may sound dramatic but it's true). We start off most beach journeys with Brian telling me my shell allotment for the trip, can't blame him they do get quite heavy and it helps me be choosier. We spend the morning eating breakfast on our balcony enjoying fresh smoothies like you've never had and simultananeously counting iguanas and looking for there mascot the largest one that's here every morning without fail....we have become geriatric bird watchers of our own kind:). I am constantly recognizing Gods creation and thanking him for it while we are here it is amazing world we live in and he created for us to enjoy. Brian wanted to go on a zip line canopy tour through the Jungle a few days back and I will tell you I was nervous to the point of feeling the need to throw up,pee my pants or cry.....but once I was soaring through the tops of the trees and saw the wonder across and below I took time to pray and not just for my safety but for opportunity to experience His greatness in a way that made me feel so small in the grand scheme of things. We have made friends with some extraordinarily beautiful people. People that work hard for what they have,people that wave and smile when a crazy driver dead stops in front of them in the middle of he road, people that truly love where they live....truly love their lives. It's amazing encouraging and humbling to see. I have so much to share and tell and show. But I will wait until we return. I must take a chance to give a tiny shout out to the caretakers of our monkeys at home...you guys will never know the gift you have given us and whatever piece of this place we bring back to you will never be enough to express our gratitude for this time away. As i sit here in my bikini soaking up the sun there are tears rolling down my cheeks because this time has been everything and nothing I imagined. So many moments that I have needed to put things Into perspective. Oh and if I haven't mentioned that big hunk of man I call Mr. Husband, he's still and forever will be the greatest husband on the face of the planet. I am lucky to have him as my best friend. This experience has been great for the both of us and there is no one else I would rather experience it with! Pura Vida

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