Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Tell me I am not the only one who knows this song. Just thought I would throw a little shout out while I can. W rare waiting in LA for our next flight and it will be awhile. I just enjoyed a giant Bacon Cheeseburger with fries and a coke and I can say two things on this subject.....1 I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the white squishy no nutrition bun and the burn of the coke was amazing:). 2. My body may be angry later:). Big wup! And just to add one more thing I will probably die when I return to boot camp after this trip. I like to live on the edge;) So far we have almost finished the second Harry Potter movie on the IPad, I have made great progress on a top secret knitting project and Brian has completed uncountable amounts of logic puzzles(he's smart like that). I would rather not engage my brain any more than I have to at this point. I will tell you when we were flying into LA the sky was more beautiful than I have seen in some time. There was a distinct cut where the brightest shade of blue met up with the darkest shade of midnight and if you looked a bit farther you could see a small sliver of the sunset in the distance, colors of orange and red that broke open declaring another day finished. And if that wasn't enough the clouds were amazing like blankets of cotton balls that made you want to hop out and take a nap. I felt so small and so blessed to know who created it all:) Blessings to you all! I am officially in vacation mode. I am able to think clearly and soak up enjoyment of relaxation even when show into the very back row of an extremely small plane with the hum of jet engines and the whoosh of the toilet flushing behind me. Sometimes joy is a choice!

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