Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My grocery list.

What it takes to feed a farming community at a dinner auction.
These are what my lists look like....yep only I can read them:) They are in secret caterer code. In all honesty I am secretly a hot mess then can pull it all together in the end. Its Gods gift not mine this whole cooking for lots of people thing. Its like my Napolean Dynamite skill...you know instead of bow hunting or basket weaving I can cook lots:)

Oh and I just secured my order for 200lbs of short ribs...thats like half a beef people. Moooooooo:)

Thought the farmer was getting tired of my pictureless posts. And thought the blog could use some lightening up!

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Ed / Julie said...

That is so awesome and overwhelming at the same time! You rock, Jessica! I just had to laugh at the 1624 oz of broth/stock...don't you make your own? ;)