Thursday, March 1, 2012

Soccer Moms.....

I have a new leisure activity. A few weeks back some moms at Ebenezer decided to put together a soccer team. And they asked me to play;) I very calmly told them I had to talk to Brian because I am over committed in many areas. Leisure is not a category however that I spend much time in. Brian was so quick to tell me yes I was actually shocked.

A little back story to sports and me. I didn't even attempt sports(and I use this word liberally) until I was 25 thats only 5 years ago people. When I was a kid I was scrawny, down right scrawny. I had asthma, my limbs were to long for my body and I have had the same size shoe since I was in the 5th grade. Lets just say I was the last to get picked for any kind of PE team or recess game. I was the kid with Dr.'s note that never had to run the mile because I was a liability:) The one time I tried to play organized sports was in the 4th grade. The 3rd game the coach decided to put me in(we were winning by a long shot) and next thing you know I am on the bottom of a ten year old girl pile up and I broke a rib. Yep that was the end. When I was 25 I discovered running for stress relief and found out I was pretty okay at it. And so thats the extent of sports for me.

Now I am in shape. But soccer haha.....nonetheless I decided it would be a great opportunity to get to know some moms at school better and have fun doing it. Turns out I 'm not half bad and it is a blast. We have had a couple practices and tomorrow night is our first game. Brian said last week when I got home from practice that I had the biggest smile on my face he had seen in awhile and you know what I felt it. I learned what it feels like to have recreational fun and its pretty great:)

Heres the picture I sent to Brian tonight because he's in Disneyland still. Elliot said I needed to do something funny this is what I came up with. Sorry about the glowy eyes couldn't fix them.
We are in an over 30s all womens league and its currently indoors at the sportsplex. This round is only six games and then we will search for an outdoor league to join. Our teams name is Soccer Moms (pretty original, I know:). I'm #25 in case you wondering,its my lucky number.

So you may think I'm crazy but chances are you already thought so. My body is covered in bruises from attempting to block the ball and being kicked. The girls are afraid they are going to break me. I may be little but I'm tougher than most! We are all so excited for our game tomorrow...I'm just praying our bodies hold up:)

Who would have ever thunk it? It's never to late to try something new!

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Andrea said...

Good for you!!
I play basketball on Wednesday nights with other ladies and I always look forward to it.
There is really something to it!
You look super sporty cute!