Wednesday, March 14, 2012


This is what nearly 220 lbs of short ribs looks like I had to use part of another fridge as well to fit it all. Its also what $1000 worth of meat looks like. Yep.....toot toot. Love supporting Cargill...NOT:) The amount of meat makes me want to throw up for a thousand reasons but the strongest would be the fact that I have to sear off all 220 lbs tomorrow:) THose auction attenders are going to be eatin real good!

And to clear up any confusion on my shopping list...Julie caught me buying stock. Clarification I am buying stock, because making that much for a charity event is just not going to happen. With regular clients I will make my own stock for each event because I believe it tastes better and its better for you, no matter the amount. So there you go you caught me:) I actually bought 48 jumbo sized cans it was pretty funny I chuckled as I was loading it up.

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Ed / Julie said...

I was just teasing you. I surely didn't think you would make that much stock for such an event as that. I'm pretty sure that you can make store-bought stock taste pretty awesome, though!!