Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My bags are packed, I'm ready to go.

Yesterday I was crazy stressed, to the point I am sure my husband was questioning spending 10 day with me alone:) I am sure my Mom and My MIL and My Rah can't wait for me to leave so they can just take care of kids without me reminding them of everything they already know to do:) But today......today is all sorts of RAD! And tomorrow after Easter Chapel at School it will be even Radder as I will be on my way to sunnier places with my best friend in this whole wide world!! So there you have it. Today I have cleaned my floors, Been to church 3 times to handle plastic Easter Eggs and candy to fill them, took my Grandma out to lunch, got my legs dealt with and received the best pedicure of my whole life from the lovely Torrey over at Mane Styles (I'm telling you people there is none better). IMG_0677 Don't mind my toes. I have pretty unattractive feet. They are wrinkly like an old ladies and they are knobby and swollen most all the time:) Its just how God made me. It always appears as if I have been sitting in a bathtub all day they are so wrinkly. At least the polish is pretty. Other then all that its pretty hard to contain my excitement at this point!! Others may find it a bit annoying. I can't help it. Photobucket

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