Monday, March 12, 2012

What I'm up to.

Wanting to Eat.....Bread, Cake or Potatoes:) Mr. Husband is attempting to get bathing suit ready by eating no carbs and riding his bike like a mad man. I am attempting to be supportive. I'm jonesin for something devilish at this point, I mean I caught myself drooling over my kids whole wheat organic bread this morning. I am not sure how long I will last just saying.

What I don't believe in....Tilapia. I have seen so many recipes with Tilapia lately. Its man made people. Check out this article. There is a reason some foods are cheap...just saying. We shouldn't be supporting this sort of food being in our grocery....I am sure I have offended someone, sorry:) Support a fisherman buy local and wild!

What I'm planning for....Auction Denim and Diamonds 2012. This week is packed excited to see all the hard work in action.

Also planning for vacation...Found out the fish monger comes on Thursdays and if we need more fresh seafood its a 5 minute walk down the beach to the fishing village...woot woot. I plan on eating a lot of fish tacos!! Also found out that windex is a good remedy for a scorpion sting or bite...yep:) 16 days!

Today....Macaroni necklaces and cloud experiments. A quick shopping trip with the Rah in search of something to wear on Friday. Husband is putting new brakes on the van....lucky lady with a handy husband.

What I'm reading....Hole in the Gospel, Three Cups of Tea and the 2nd Harry Potter Book.

What I'm cooking....Coq Au Vin for dinner. Made with happy chicken from Cackleberry Farms.

What I made for my kids....homemade granola bars they are kind of the bomb.
2 cups granola
2 Tablespoon flax or wheat germ
2/3 cup honey
1 cup nuts
1 1/2 cups dried fruit

Brown oats and nuts in oven 350 degrees for 10 minutes. pull out of oven mix all ingredients in a big bowl. Once mixed put mixture in a parchment lined pan put back in 300 degree oven for 20 minutes. ull out of oven and let cool completely. Cut and wrap individually. Great addition for lunch or healthy snack.

Looking forward to....Soccer game on Wednesday night. Found out I am way to ADD to play defender. I lose interest causing me to run to the opposite end of the field leaving our poor goalie wide open. I'm a mid fielder its settled:)

Good music to check out....Paul Simons new album So Beautiful or So What....I love Paul Simon and this new album does not disappoint. The other album I have been listening to is Neil Halstead his older album Sleeping on Roads is the one I like. For all its worth:) I love all kinds of music! Check out Spotify if you haven't already. You can listen to any album anytime its so wonderful! We just use their free subscription so you have adds every so often but it doesn't bother me much. We still use Pandora as well, but mostly in the car we use their paid subscription.

If you stuck around long enough to read this I bid you a good week:)

Peace Out!

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Wow, there was a lot of life to catch up on, on here. :)