Thursday, April 5, 2012


Today I face timed With my precious cherubs. My heart felt longing and pain and the need to scoop them up and kiss their faces.....but I couldn't. I have missed them but today was the first time I cried, pretty impressive for me I love those little buggers so much it hurts. Today we hiked about 6 miles into the rainforest through a dried up river bed to a trickle of a waterfall that was 40 meters high. It was beautiful! We saw bright blue butterflies he size of a tea saucer and quarreling iguanas and teeny tiny little frogs that were smaller then my fingertip. I took lots of short video and tons of photos. The men scaled the dried up waterfall which made me nervous(them too) and the girls sat at the bottom and traded words. English for Spanish and vice versa it was fun. If I haven't mentioned the produce here I should have. Ripe local mangoes,pineapple,watermelon,papaya,guava,avocados,and bananas that all taste as I believe God intended. Tonight I am making sailfish for dinner. Yesterday Brian learned to surf and I played in the warm waves. The water is around 70 degrees it's so strange. Home I two days it's a bittersweet feeling but for now I will just soak up the last moments around here...

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mom2m4boys said...

Sounds like you are having an amazing time!! Glad to hear you got to see your sweet kiddos faces too :)