Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Childs Heart!

My son continues to amaze me with his prayers, he has been a faithful prayer from the time he could put two words together. Speaking with inflection and dramatic effect, emotion beyond compare. He seems to always know the words to say. And he can bring this Mama to her knees with his ability to process and come to the Father in this way.

In 3rd grade this year they have been faithfully praying as a class for two kids their age that are dealing with very serious cancer diagnosis. It has been an interesting learning curve as at home we are dealing with many questions and thoughts that relate to the subject. At times I have wanted to yell or shout because I hate that this reality is a reality for children my children's age. I hate that my son is exposed to this in some ways but feel beyond blessed by it in others.

Recently one of the children they were praying for passed away. Of course I didn't hear about until bedtime when we debrief our day and talk about heavy hearts, hopes and dreams. My son got it out in tears and the conversation that came with it was one I struggled through. I think it was very real for my little man and it was beautiful thing to be able to witness his heart in this very sad outcome. We discussed heaven and what we believe to be truth after this life here on earth. We discussed Jesus and the hope we have in Him. And we discussed our family and previous and future things to come. It was good if it can be described as such. I encouraged Elliot to not see it as a sad thing but a time to rejoice that Garret was in heaven, and I questioned him with what he wanted for himself. The conversation ended well, and I would be lying if I didn't say I hugged my kids a little tighter that night. We are blessed with good health.

However the next morning was when it was put to rest. We pray every morning on the way to school. I have been encouraging the kids to search beyond themselves in this time in the mornings. To really think of others and who and what they will encounter. Elliot hit a home run for me Thursday morning and this is what he said, " Dear heavenly father please be with Garrets family today as they have suffered a great loss. And God thank you that Garret is in heaven and no longer feels amazed he must be to be able to sit on Jesus lap and see the beauty of heaven. Thank you that I will go there too someday." Yep and it took all I had within me to not pull over that car and weep. Kids praying for other kids like that...Oh mercy!

If you don't pray with your kids on a regular basis, I challenge you to do so. It is a beautiful thing to experience. God uses it time and time again to not only bless me but to teach me.

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