Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween. I totally believe that holidays such as these are what you make them. We invite everyone over make homemade doughnuts, treats and crafts. I love the feeling of my house being full of life, love and happy faces. There is really nothing greater to me than being surrounded by the ones I love and enjoying this life to its fullest.
We had Luke Skywalker and Aurora this year. They were adorable as usual.. Especially my Elliot because he so serious about his costume it has to be just right. Well unfortunately he left his costume belt out and the puppy ate it so at the last minute we had to to talk him into wearing a regular belt and Brian fashioned him a "ammo belt" out of any empty cantine holder. In the end of course it was totally cool and he made some grenades for his ammo belt:) Kolby and Savannah were here to so we had Darth Vadar and the cutest little girl pirate you ever did see. The boys even treated us to a light saber show in the living room with all of the lights turned out.
This was the first year Brian had to work on Halloween(and the last) so my did and Jaime took the kids out trick or treating and my Mom, Kristin and I finished the doughnuts so the kids would have a warm treat when they got back. Bill did the door answering and MomL did the dishes.
These are really what memories are made of and that is what we are going for these days.

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