Monday, November 2, 2009

Princess Grace La La La La

Lately I have been a tiny bit stressed, things seem to pile up and I wonder how I will get everything done. Appliances seem to be breaking every time I turn around. And my heart has been heavy with quite a few things. But I am so lucky I have this little peanut Grace with me all of the time right now because even though she tests every fiber of my patience at times, she is also the sweetest, cutest and must lovely little girl in the world. She keeps me grounded and reminds me every minute how thankful I am for what I have right here and right now.
I know I have blogged a lot about her so I will spare you from my normal comments and raves. However, lately she is most definitely 4 and sometimes I actually wonder if she is 12:) She loves to help me bake and we have been baking nearly everyday since school started. She loves to read books and play with all of the normal girl toys. But lately she is really into story telling, which is so funny because she is so serious about what she is telling you that if you didn't know her you would probably believe her. Just today she was singing a song that she is learning for Christmas in Preschool its about the shepherds going to see baby Jesus but instead of going to Bethlehem Graces shepherds were going to Bellingham. So I took the chance to challenge her and I asked her are you sure its Bellingham not Bethlehem and she said yes Bellingham mom and I then I asked where in Bellingham did they go and she replied a field somewhere. Well there you have it folks. There was no changing her mind. She did add though that Jesus' moms name is Mary so if you find her you will find Baby Jesus. At least she has that right and the rest will come later.
Her new nickname is sassyfrass and that is the best way to describe her. I am just so thankful for these two little ones that keep me sane as much as they make me insane sometimes:)

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Jeff and Andrea Ashmore Family said...

Grace is so sweet. I love her and her little/big personality. What would we do without these sweet little spirits?