Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hope for Olive Update as Promised

It is so amazing to see God work!! My little dream for selling oliebollen and cocoa to benefit the Polinders and their sweet baby Olive has grown to become something that is bigger than I ever expected. Not only have people come alongside to help but doors that appeared to be closed have been opened. It has built my faith and it is constantly reminding me to turn and ask God in all things no matter how small. How amazing that God is using this tiny little baby to bring glory to him. She and her parents story really is a complete inspiration to us all. Today was major. I have been praying for a location to be provided to cook the 900+ oliebollen. We had a couple of options but wouldn't you know that neither of these options were the ones God chose to use. A restaurant owner in town offered her restaurant and fryers for our use!! Cutting out a load of the logistics. This is such a blessing to say the least. Below you will find the needs we still have and there are plenty of spots open for volunteering in the areas of cooking and serving. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of you who have helped me in accomplishing this little project. So far I have only facilitated the details and watched from the sidelines as God works.
Here is a list of items that we will need to be shopping for. If you would like to purchase and/or donate something from the list leave a comment on the blogpost and I will take note and mark you down. Make sure to leave a phone number or email address so I can organize collection of the goods. As people offer to donate I will update the list so it stays current.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at Jessica@angryblueberry.com
Most importantly please remember to pray for Olive and Rusty and Lynette as well as they continue on their journey. www.rustylynette.blogspot.com

Material Needs
Cocoa has been bought thank you Sarah!!
Brown Lunch Sacks have been donated...thanks Mom!
400- paper cups for cocoa
400- paper napkins
1- bag of sugar- 10
1- canister of cinnamon (xtra large Costco size)

Labor Needs-
-As of right now we will be cooking Olibollen on December 4 (time to be decided) We will need a bunch of women to make up one recipe of oliebollen each I will give you the recipe we are using and you can make up the batch yourself in your own home. Once you are finished making your batch you can do one of two things
1-Drop off the oliebollen batter and run never looking back as the rest of us crazy women sit back and cook up hundreds of olibollen chucks and then sacrifice ourselves by eating any that may not fit up to our standards.
2-Drop off your batch of olibollen and sacrifice your self to help us fry, sugar, eat and bag up the olibollen.
3-Or if cooking is not your thing at all and you just want to come and join in the craziness that is fine as well. Surely you can sugar these little chunks of goodness:)

-We need about 4 women to help at the actual booth on December 5th during the Lighted Christmas Parade. This will entail selling, serving and smiling:) I know it will be cold it always is but if we huddle together and partake in some cocoa I think we will make through just fine.

I know this is a lot of info but if you find yourself pulled in any direction let me know as soon as possible.


Julie said...

Hi Jessica! I have been trying to figure out a way to help out with your cocoa and ollie bollen stand. I am not a cook, but I will pray that you get your cooks! What do you need yet? I see on your list napkins are listed and I have a 600pack from Costco sitting in my garage. Could you use them? Are there any supplies you've had to buy that I could donate money to cover? Let me know. And Happy Thanksgiving!!! By the way - I'm having fun reading your blog! You're so YOU! Love it.

3 little and 2 big liks said...

hi there!
bless you for doing this! ryan and i would like to donate the cups and napkins. when do you need them and where would you like me to drop them?
traci :)