Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hope for Olive

I have shared with you before about my friends the Polinders and their precious baby Olive. They are still currently struggling day to day with medical care and costs for Olive. It looks like they won't be able to move her to the U.S. for at least another two months and so she will be having the surgery for her new shunt there. It has been so amazing to watch their journey and be able to see their faithfulness in Gods work in their lives as well as Olives.
As you can imagine they are racking up quite a bit of bills at the hospital as well as living expenses for themselves. I have been praying specifically for this subject of need and have asked God to show me how I can help them out.
This all being said I was able to get approval from the Chamber of Commerce to have a cocoa and oliebollen sale during the lighted Christmas parade on December 5 with all proceeds going towards the Polinders financial needs. Lynette told me that their bills will continue to pile up for some time yet and they are still going to have to come up with the funds to come home once Olive is stable enough to travel. This will not be an easy task and there will be much labor involved as far as making the oliebollen and serving on the day of. So I guess I am saying or asking rather for help. Now I am not expecting everyone to be able to, so do not feel obligated your prayers would be enough support. But if you are willing to help I am hoping to find people to help cook the oliebollen as well as serve the cocoa and oliebollen during the parade.
If this at all sounds like something you want to help with shoot me an email at
And in the meantime please keep praying with us for Olive.

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bajema said...

what day is the parade?