Friday, November 27, 2009

Whirlwind of a Thanksgiving But Thankful Nonetheless

I had three Thanksgivings this year and I wish I had pictures to share however my camera conveniently broke last Saturday. Not to fear though with some frugal and smart after Thanksgiving Day shopping my wonderful husband let me pick out a new one for Christmas. This I am still a bit confused about because we do not generally buy each other Christmas gifts, however I am not complaining at all just a bit confused.

So back to my three Thanksgivings which I am so THANKFUL for.

#1- Actually titled "Friendsgiving" was celebrated last Sunday at our house with 12 of our closest and dearest friends. Its was a full house, a bit noisy however these are my favorite times and they have created some of my favorite memories. These 12 people happen to also make my thankful list which I will hopefully post tomorrow.
#2- The Units Thanksgiving (at my inlaws) Brian and I generally cook this Thanksgiving feast it was held on Monday night at my in-laws and since there weren't any leftovers to speak of from Sunday we started from scratch and made another delicious turkey in a completely different way. To some this may seem exhausting to me it is somewhat exhilarating and fun:) This was a much fun evening in which we also celebrated my Father in Law and nieces birthdays that fall on the same day. I would love to bump my birthday to Thanksgiving time this menu suits me quite nicely.
#3- My Moms Thanksgiving. It is always very nice and she always makes the things that bring tastes from my childhood. My other favorite thing about Thanksgiving traditions with my mom is that she takes my children the night before and has them help her with the preparations for the meal. I love, love, love this. This year she actually kept them for two nights which was oh so wonderful.
I love all of these traditions they each are great in their own way.

So what did I do with all of the free time without my kiddos you ask?

-The first night my wonderful husband took me out to a fancy dinner at Giuseppies in Bellingham. I wore a dress had time to do my hair and even put on some make-up which are all bonuses at this point:)

-Then the next morning I was treated to the Thanksgiving Newspaper and an egg nog latte in bed where I was left alone to enjoy the peace and quiet and start looking through the ads for the things left on my Christmas list as well as a new camera. In the afternoon we went to my moms enjoyed Thanksgiving #3 and then came home and watched a movie with the Bajemas. One of the things on my shopping list was some new work clothes for Brian because he now gets to follow Business casual attire guidelines. I found an ad for a Midnight Madness sale at Van Heusen in Burlington so on a whim we hopped in the car and went for it. It was so much fun because it was so out of the ordinary we didn't by a ton of stuff but it was a great time and I was with my best guy.
-This morning I braved after Thanksgiving Day shopping. Let me just say I have never gone before out of principle. The principle being I think it is odd to go the mall and shop on a day that is filled with psychotic crazed women on a mission for a tickle me elmo and possibly risk you life in the process. There are many reasons why I have avoided this day of shopping but mostly it is just because I think its a bit silly. However this morning I was among those women except I wasn't on a mission for anything in particular. My sister-in-law asked if I wanted to go and since I had a babysitter already in place (thanks mom) I thought what the world why not. We started at 9am much later than most everyone else however we had a great time got a few things we had on our lists but mostly just enjoyed a morning and afternoon without children talking about them but not mothering them. Shopping for them but not with them, it was fabulous.

I appreciated my time off however I was more than excited to pick them up this afternoon and bring them home with me. We had a family movie and pizza night and snuggled with our new down alternative comforters (courtesy of a fabulous Kohls sale regularly $100 for $29.99) on the couch.

Its been a whirlwind of a week but I loved every moment of it!!

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