Monday, August 23, 2010

No pictures...I know.

So my camera and my computer are not communicating properly and I am not sure why but is something I am totally working on. I actually think I may need a new memory card holder thing and since I am taking two days off to be selfish (not really) I will try and find a new one of those thingy mabobs. That being said we have had a lot of fun on our days together lately and I have lots of pictures to share.

So what have we been up to you ask?

We have been to the fair, enjoyed a week at my moms laying by the pool and playing in the sun and made a lot of progress on the new room.

I also catered a wedding on Saturday that will be featured in Martha Stewart Wedding magazine next year. The bride thought it was important to call me nearly every day to remind that every detail would be photographed so every detail needed to be perfect...fabulous! I may have spent 3 of the most stressful days ever preparing for it but now I can tell you that it went off without a hitch and Martha ain't got nothin' on me:) I can't believe how much time I spent thinking about that woman last week when finally on Friday night I broke down from exhaustion and prayed about it....imagine that. During my prayer God reminded me that I needed to remember to ask Him for the strength to get through each day. So first thing Saturday morning it was Him I was thinking of not that crazy Martha lady. And in addition to this I felt at complete peace:)

Now we are in the final days of summer vacation and I have done absolutely no shopping for school. Thankfully the days I have been waiting for since mid-July are here. I am taking two days for me and will be hanging around Seattle with Sarah shopping for school and maybe a bit for myself. The trip is really for rest but I might as well get the shopping done at the same time....right?

Grace got her letter from her teacher Saturday in the mail. It described all of the wonderful things Kindergarten would hold and one of them was experiments. Not sure why, however Grace thinks this sounds like the best part:) Can't believe my tiny little bundle is now 5 and ready to school...she informed me the other day that she was very sorry but Mommy's don't get to go to kindergarten with their kids. Does it sound like she will miss me? Yeah..nope! I am sure I will cry as soon as I drop her off no more babies, no more preschoolers....I guess this will be the start of the new chapter titled School Aged Children.

Oh and next up on the crazy catering clients is a man I like to call Dino but probably not to his face....I am actually not sure what I am supposed to call him to his face...well maybe Mr. Rossi...someone should fill me in on the appropriate title because in 10 days I get to meet him.

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Julie said...

You are amazing, Jessica!