Monday, August 9, 2010

This is my 400th Post and I plan on talking about food!


My typical work morning starts with rolling out of bed with pain in my hands and wrists and usually my left hip it is interesting. I, however, choose to ignore it and make my children some breakfast. Breakfast is followed by finding my grubbiest work jeans and a random t-shirt that I probably bought at the Second Chance (this is the best place to find weird kitchen t-shirts). I throw my hair in braids or a pony and on top of that goes a bandana...the purple one is my favorite but sometimes I settle on red and pray that I don't come in contact with gang members. And this is it, if I forgot to mention before that cooking all day is one of the least glamorous job in the world, you are being told now. Because by the end of the day you smell like a meatball and probably resemble one as well. Now this sounds really awful at this point I am sure but picking up the most beautiful produce in the world that still has dirt on it and does not look manufactured does not take glamor it takes love. Foodies are weird and foodies that work in kitchens are even weirder..because you can't be normal if you enjoy being in a 120 degree kitchen cooking for a couple hundred people at a time. Or if someone asks if you can cater corporate events for 500 and you actually get excited because not only is that a challenge but if you nailed it and made it happen you would have done the impossible.

Now I had someone make a comment about caterers being ultimate rockstars. Now I am not sure that the whole world sees it this way. A lot of clients treat us as hired help and a lot of their guests are the same way. But again its not about that. Its about doing what you love and food is what I love.

Recently I worked out of a clients home to cater a family party and when I arrived at their newly renovated (gutted) home I was greeted by my very own caterers kitchen (butlers pantry) who has this.??? I didn't even know they existed anymore. So there I was working in my little box making beautiful food for people who ended up being rather nice in the end. But back to my little box it even had a garbage disposal and more cupboards and drawers then I have in my entire house, it was nuts. And in that moment I felt as if I had arrived, making very good beautiful not frozen food in a pantry that was filled with everything boxed and processed. Woohoo....1 point for team healthy food awareness.

So this summer has been long it has been a challenge and its almost over. Not sure what my overall opinion is but I know that my kitchen skills and my tastes and abilities have grown immeasurable and there is a lot of excitement in store.

So that's that. I have a couple of days off this week woohoo. We are going to hang around and ride bikes and work on the new room and be thankful for all that we have....because that's what Jager's do.

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