Thursday, November 25, 2010

I am thankful beyond belief......maybe not the exact post you were expecting?

I love Thanksgiving(not as much as my mother but I love it just the same). So much so that we have three every year.

First we celebrate Friendsgiving, all the usual blokes and lovlies around my table enjoying each others company and me being incredibly thankful that we have these people in our know I hope you all have friends like these and if you don't you need to go out quick and find some because at times they are what God gives me to make my world go 'round. I can't explain my love for them but they are the type of people that are always there right when you need a pick me up, they call you out when you are being a jerk, and make you feel like a million bucks over any little accomplishment....they are not anything short of Fabulous. They are Family really.

Next up is The Units Thanksgiving...the unit being Beej's parents. This was a great day around the table. Much yummy food to be had. Little boy voices gathered behind us around the bar giggling about what not and shenanigans....little lovely ladies giggling simply because they are girls and they are growing up in a family that not only supports that but is so chalk full of strong women it bursts at the seems leaving them no choice but to feel entitled just for the simple reason that they are girls. I am so thankful for this it is beyond. This year was special because Bill and Savannah were celebrating birthdays so our Thanksgiving also included a birthday cake. I bet you are jealous now;) I must say my favorite part of that Thanksgiving this year is just the opportunity to be an Auntie.....this is one of the greatest gifts and one of the jobs or roles that I am most thankful for. I love them like my own, yet I have no need to discipline them, I just get to love and mildly spoil. Its Fabulous!

Next up is today Thanksgiving Day. My mom is over the moon in love with Thanksgiving. She loves every bit of it! If there is a stronger word than love feel free to insert it you would probably be reaching a closer replication of her emotion for this day. She always has the kids stay the night the night before so they can help with all of the preparations. She has been doing this since Elliot was the size of a Thanksgiving turkey himself. It is fun to watch them take ownership over parts of the meal. This year has been a rough one for our family but I think we have pulled through stronger than before. And I am thankful that we will be gathering around the table with an extra little baby girl and another baby growing within my sister's womb. Our family is still growing, much like some of yours and it is exciting to watch.

With all the excitement comes a bit of sadness for me but Thankfulness as well. My Grandpa died a year ago this month and it has been rough for me, I won't lie. I have thought a lot about him the last month in reflection to this day and the fact that he will be missing from the table once again. I miss him like crazy and their was no one in this world that appreciated and enjoyed holiday shenanigans around the kids as much as he did, he would always appeal for lighter discipline and always always slip them more sugar if they were told no from a parental. Something I noticed but let slip with him, because once you are a great grandpa I think you get to do what you questions asked. Plus he helped raise me and I turned out ok so I figure he must be enlightened to some parenting techniques that I haven't figured out yet.? So he won't be their this year and I know you all are probably missing someone as well that holds their own piece of your heart. But the part about this that I am thankful for is that I had him at all, we all have had someone who loves you unconditionally, that holds close always and looks at you as if you set the moon in the sky...that was my Grandpa. So I miss him but I know that no matter how long I am on this earth no one can take that love from me. And this I am thankful for!

So this year as you gather with your own friends and family I encourage you to look at each person and be thankful for each of them for who they are to you. Friends and family are a beautiful thing!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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