Monday, November 8, 2010

I am a mother of four.......

I am a mother of four for 3 more days:) I am thankfully going to say that the two stow aways are very well behaved, sweet children and things could be going about a million times rougher:) But I have to tell you that being a mother of four does not leave much time to dilly dally, in the mornings. This has been a learning curve however I think that not having the option to waste time at all does help me stay on task. I think I have actually stayed quite enjoyable through it all as well...surprise surprise:)

It has also made me appreciate my husband so much more like this morning I found that he had actually remembered to pick up sandwich baggies for me...making my lunch making for four oh so much more easy and fun. I may have even sent him a lovey dovey text to thank him.

Well double thankfully all four are at school and preschool today so yeah for me:) I think I will kick my feet up for awhile and then catch up with a friend that has been gone for awhile.

Later today you can look forward to a post on Movember....Grace and well love probably.

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