Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fishing Derby

Brian has been anticipating taking Elliot to the Fishing Derby since he was born. Every year he checks the schedule to make sure that the entrance age is five just in case there is a younger age bracket. Well this was the big year. They missed it by just a week last year so they were both pumped. They started out the morning like any Daddy Son day should with doughnuts and made there way down to registration. I don't know who was more excited but they both had their matching seahawks hats on and shorts and away they went. Elliot caught has limit within 3 minutes and they came home with actually two very nice size trout which we ate for dinner. I was having a garage sale with the neighbors so all of the kids were here when Elliot got back to show them his catch. The majority of them are boys so the air was filled with "wow look at the blood awesome!" I will never understand boys and their excitement over the gross things but they were happy! Anyway I think it was a great day for both parties involved and just the start of the participation in the fishing derby!

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Jan Kok said...

Dad and son fishing the local creek and derby or to the wonderful lakes of Canada (Ken and Matt have done those for YEARS..) is an awesome experience for all involved. Special times! Yah Elliot for the big fish catch! Hope there are many more times ahead for you and your Dad!