Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Grandpa

My kids are so fortunate to be able to have two sets of great-grandparents that love them to the moon and back. Both sets spoil them rotten and enjoy all of their antics for more than their parents do. Recently Gracie has taken an extreme liking to my grandpa and I think it is just what the Dr. has ordered for him at this point. She would sit with him in his chair for hours if she was able to and I think he would let her. I to am a Grandpas girl and although I can no longer curl up in his chair with him there was a time that that was one of my favorite places in the world as well. So the pictures are of my grandpa and two of his girls that love him to the moon and back as well!

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Jan Kok said...

Sweet~Sweet~Sweet! Wonder who is truly the most blessed? Grandpa? Gracie? Or, you for the wonderful memories and witnessing more memory making times with your Grandpa and daughter. Very special =)Blessings on each of you...Jan