Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Baby Boy is a 6....

I don't know about all of you other moms out there but birthdays are emotional for me. Don't get me wrong every stage is my favorite when I am in it and watching them grow is truly amazing. But every year when we come upon a birthday it is hard for me not to think back to the very first day I had them and the very first year i spent being their mom. Elliot was such a hidden blessing we had been married for four months when I realized I may not have a flu bug I may actually be pregnant, and seeing as we didn't think we could have babies it was a real surprise. We were elated. Elliot brings so much to our family dynamic he is funny, smart, always the first one to give you a hug if you get hurt or you're having a rough day, and he doesn't forget a thing, if you lose something he can find it. Recently he went to basketball camp and his coach said he was the only one willing to talk about Jesus and what he meant to him. We are so happy to have Elliot in our family I wouldn't trade him for the world!!
This year we celebrated Elliots birthday with a surprise party with a few of our favorite friends. Elliot was truly surprised so much so that I think we overwhelmed him a bit. We had so much fun playing with balloons, catching tadpoles, and chasing each other around the playground! We asked him to tell us what he learned when he was five and boy did this past year bring a lot for him. Learning to ride a bike, subtraction, reading, rowing a boat and casting his fishing pole by himself were among the many things he learned last year. He informed us he is Hot Stuff now(I guess teaching him what being humble is might be for year 6;) Happy 6th Birthday Elliot we love you and being your mom is the best job ever!
Here are some of my favorite pictures of Elliots first year as well as his first birthday and some form his party this year!

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Jeff and Andrea Ashmore Family said...

So sweet. Elliot is such a great kid and I know what you mean about how fast they grow. I love the old picture of the two of you, that is priceless.