Thursday, June 3, 2010

Life and Such.....

Keeping my eye on the prize is my most favorite slogan these days. This can mean a number of different things. However most times it just means keeping Jesus in full view as I truck through this busy life.

It has been nuts. This will be my first summer with a full wedding schedule, food is my life. The other day I figured with work and home I had cooked for 16 hours of my day. It was glorious! I am continually amazed of how much passion God gives me for the field that I am in. Daily my opportunities for Angry Blueberry are coming in, referrals seem to be finally taking off...this is amazing to experience. I am also gaining a lot of experiences and opportunities as far as the contracting end of my business goes. This area alone makes me want to pee my pants daily. There is so much that lies ahead with this.

The kids are wrapping up another year of school. When fall rolls around we will have a second grader and a....drum roll please.....kindergarten kid. I am trying to focus on the positives of the changing times. But I can't believe we will have two school age children in our house. I am very excited to watch Grace experience school...I think she is so much more ready then Elliot was in a lot of ways. She is turning into a five year old before my eyes. Although she still has her Gracertude we are experiencing way less fitting and she seems to understand that her choices earn her consequences. I forgot the change from 4 to 5 it is quite drastic and happens so quickly.

For our anniversary I got Brian some new tires for his beloved Bronco. Many of you may remember him driving it around in high school, and yes we still have it. It has been stored in my dads shop for sometime now and has been patiently waiting for new tires. Brian has also patiently been waiting for the tires. Well i scraped together some cash and with a little covert planning with my Father in law we successfully stole the Bronco got new license plates and tires and had it delivered to our house on our anniversary. Brian was so surprised to say the least!! I think it will be here for the summer which will be fun. This was our date car in high school and although I know that it is just a truck and is not an eternal item at all it still brings a lot of happiness to our hearts and holds a lot of memories for Brian especially. It is weird to have to little munchkins in the backseat though:) I can say we weren't thinking about kids 13 years ago.

So I think this catches you up. We started painting the house this week so hopefully I will have some presentable pictures to share soon.

We will also start celebrating the kids birthdays next weekend so there will be plenty to update you on in that department. And let me just say one more time 7 and 5, oh my!!!

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