Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Picture In My Mind...

Forgive the picture scanning once again or lack there of. And disregard whatever is happening in the right hand side of the picture. Not much to say about that.

I woke up with this picture in my mind this morning. And the picture represents both things that I hold dear today. My precious baby not so baby as he officially turned 7 today. And my amazing husband who became a Father 7 years ago on this day. Both events require celebration.

Elliot turning 7 is surreal. I can very vividly remember the day he was born. I remember looking into his tiny face in complete awe of what God used my body to create. Elliot is the most loving, fun, smart, brilliant in more than one way and a complete lover of Gods world and his little life. He teaches me daily of about what is important. He told me the other day his heart was to big for his body...wonder where he gets this from. We have had the nicest conversations lately and not all of them have been life changing but they have all been tucked in my heart because it is so nice to hear him talk about what he feels and thinks and enjoys and detests. Its just nice to conversate because we can because he is 7 and 7 is a pretty big deal. I get the complete joy of hearing him pray before bed every night, much of what he prays about is the same from night to night but he always has a key point, sometimes it is a thanks God for loving me or please be with Grandma because Grandpas gone, or thanks for making me so good at legos (classic at least he is thankful), or please forgive us for damaging your world (a new favorite), but the other day he chose to pray for me as I was laying next to him on his bed. He thanked God for me and asked Him to be with me as I cooked for for lots and lots of people:)

What a blessing you are to me my monkey....Your mom loves you more than you know. And7 years ago I had no idea what a blessing you would be to me in so many ways.

The second part of the picture in my mind this morning was my Husband. I can still remember the look on his face this very first time he held Elliot in his arms. It was as if the whole world had stopped and every fear he had of being a dad just melted into a puddle on the floor. And this is the moment that I knew for the rest of forever there would never be anything that would get in between our little family and this man. My children have a dad that loves more than they ever could imagine and it is an amazing and beautiful thing to be able to witness!!

Babe you are an amazing Dad are kids are blessed to have you. And I am blessed to have as a partner in the crazy parenting universe.

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