Monday, June 7, 2010

Our Very Last Preschool Field Trip.

It didn't rain today so we ended up being able to go on the annual Hovander Park Field Trip. I was so happy for Grace because I believe devastation would have hit if we would have had to cancel.

They played games, had a picnic, fed the animals, searched for frogs, payed on the playground and climbed up into the famous Hovander Tower.

It was fun , it was lovely, and it was a bit emotional as we will be waving goodbye to the preschool chapter of our lives. It is wonderful though my kids are healthy and growing and that is a true blessing. I am so thankful I could experience this one last field trip with Grace. She is such a friendly little thing, she is friends with everyone and has nicknames for everyone and it is quite adorable.


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Julie said...

So glad you got to go! We've been cancelled twice now and are reschedule for Friday, and I can't go! :( Daddy will have to do for this one, which will be great for them, but sad for me!