Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Post for Lea....The new shelves, bookcases, desk, and what do I see in the Jager house Storage....

First of all I must say, I generally do not post about things that we acquire, and to save the long explanation of what I believe....I will just sum it up by saying I just don't. However today and tomorrow I will be, 1st time because Lea asked me two and the 2nd time because I have made a decision on an appliance that will create some kitchen oddities until our remodel projects are finished (more on that later).

So without further ado, we had Bob Matter with Heirloom Cabinets create some beautiful built ins for our old dining space and into our new dining room. He did an amazing job and will do some more work for us in the near future. I must say that you would never know he had an old crooked house to work with when looking at the project. I would recommend him a thousand times over.

So here goes. I still have some space to fill but I really have a hard time committing to thoughtless doo dads so that means it can't go on if it doesn't hold some meaning or purpose. So those are the rules.

Here are the flash wasn't cooperating so what you get is what you get.


I have wanted a desk built around that window for a long time and its for real. We chose the butcher block because this room is attached to our kitchen and that is the counter surfacing we have chosen for the kitchen project.

We now have some cupboards in our house and proper space to store coats and shoes. We have zero storage in this house because back 107 yrs ago they had less stuff so closets and such were not necessary. This makes storage a huge need and desire in this house now:) But now we have some yeah!!

Speaking of shoe storage...WooHoo!

A few of my favorite things...Some free nature books I got from the second chance free bin (yes I browse through there from time to time, don't judge), a shell from that belonged to my husbands great grandma (my MIL gave it to me for one of my bridal showers with a sweet little note that I still keep inside it), some of my favorite cookbooks, and my rarest piece of Fiesta. Its been nice to have a safe place to store some of my specials:) Things are really just that things, however I know where each thing came from and like I said before, to me each one holds something special for me.

So there you go I posted some pics of my lovely built ins. And remember call up Bob if you need something built ...He Rocks!


Jeff and Andrea Ashmore Family said...

So I know that thou shalt not covet thy neighbors shelves but I totally am!! Those are awesome!!! I will be showing this post to my husband while batting my eyelashes.
Merry Christmas to your sweet family!

The Mom said...

This was worth waiting for! LOVE. THEM. Thanks for finally posting for me! The spot for shoes and coats... wonderful. Now, to get the children to put their things there, right? ;)

Julie said...

Love it, Jessica! Great work and thought put into that and it makes all that mess of coats and shoes seem peaceful and calm! Love your Fiesta, too!