Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sometimes Having Christmas Cheer Is A Choice

Today was the day I was going to finish most everything I had left to finish before the joyful weekend to come, and I did finish most everything. But today was probably one of the worst days in the universe to try and shop anywhere.

However, when I left this morning I told myself I was going to approach the day with Christmas Cheer and attempt to bless those around me with a smile and great attitude. And that is what I did. It took a lot of effort i am not going to lie and I will give you a brief synopsis of the things I encountered.

So when I nearly got nailed driving through the round about I refrained from tossing out mean words or obscene gestures, instead I waved and mouthed Merry Christmas. When the lady rushing to get green beans for 1.98 a pound barged in front me back and forth from the beans to the scale, I waited patiently for my brussel sprouts and when she was finished I said enjoy your beans Merry Christmas. When another woman rammed her cart into mine while rushing to get a pound of butter I pulled my cart back and said with a giggle they have some really good deals today don't they. And when I finished my shopping at Target and realized I missed paying for something in my cart I took it back and waited patiently making small talk with others that were obviously more crazed than I was:) And last but not least when I saw another woman push an older lady (someones grandmother mind you) out of the way, physically nudge her and tell her to go to the back of the line I held back from giving the offender a stern talking to on how to treat the elderly.

You see Brian would tell you that I have extreme intolerance for others impatience and lack of manners and this is probably true. So I am trying not to be a walking contradiction, while at the same time enjoying this Christmas Season.

So may this be an encouragement to you if I can do it so can you. Don't barge in front of little old ladies.... thats rude, say Merry Christmas to the checkers at the stores they don't want to deal with anyone of these crazy people anymore than you do, say please and thank you and take your time to enjoy the season. And remember to be kind, kindness goes a long way.

Once again I am not perfect....just a girl trying to make it in the world without being mean herself:)

Merry Christmas to all!!

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