Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesdays and Sundays.....

Starting last and continuing for the next 2 weeks Tuesdays and Sundays are my only days off. It has been exhausting thus far. I love my job, but even more so I love my life.

At work i daydream whenever I can which isn't much. I daydream about my kids and have dreams of a perma vacation to a super warm place that only has sand for surfaces. Where we could make sandcastles and eat sandy potato chips all day. And then I find myself jolted back into reality with the sensation of super hot cranberry compote springing forth from the blender all over my hands and body and realize that these days will come but not in the month of December during holiday party season. I secretly call all Holiday Parties, Christmas Parties..But don't tell anyone I am pretty sure our Jewish clients would not approve. But every time I hear the word holiday I want to puke:) As my boy Elliot says to everyone who has ears, Jesus is the reason for the season you know. Back to my daydreaming though...I am not sure if you other moms have experienced this but lately I can not get enough of my little peoples faces. I find myself clicking away on the camera as if I am putting out a wildfire, or staring at them as they sit next to me on the couch. I so badly don't want to forget what there little faces looked like at this very moment in time. I so can not get enough time to look at them, its weird and its a bit intoxicating.

Well its been crazy, as I know it has been for a lot of you so far this Christmas season. I have been working, formulating a Children's Christmas Service, A Blacklight Puppet show, and again working incredibly to much, tying up all loose ends for a wreath and bake sale for school and trying to rest whenever possible which is really only Sunday afternoons if I can hide from the world and not answer my phone (this proved to be successful this Sunday). I love this life no matter how crazy it may be, it is mine and every thing I am involved in seems necessary and I feel like God is really in each piece. Although my husband has threatened to duct tape my arms to the sides of my body if I volunteer or agree to be a part of anything else right not and rightfully so I might add. So I will comply and not take anything else on for the rest of the month..I have agreed to add nothing more to the calendar at this point, if I am able to comply my sanity and my husbands may hold on, by a thread but holding on is holding on at this point.

However, from the looks of my house a housekeeper may be in my future? One can daydream right?

Well here's to daydreaming, cleaning, Beautiful little faces and a truly yummy Christmas Season.

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