Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I'm sick yuck!

I am sick and I hate it. I came home after teaching yesterday with sore ears,neck,throat and watery eyes. Yuck!

You should know that me and sick do not get along! I am the worlds worst patient. I hate people taking care of me and really dislike people seeing me sick. But that's what I am.

Thankfully my husband was home yesterday so when I got home I went to bed and he let me stay there until dinner. Lovely man! Then I fed everyone with a bit of help from my new found love the crock pot. And then back to bed.

My plan is to behave myself today and stay in bed or on the couch. It will be horribly wonderful.

I did get up got the kids dressed and made lunches. Then that lovely man said that's all we will be needing and pointed back to my bed.

I am a blessed woman even if I am sick.

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