Tuesday, September 22, 2009


We have Pneumonia again, or should I say Elliot does. I was completed flabbergasted when I found out that this was the diagnosis because this was the second time in the last 4 months that we have received this news and it was different from Grace's, no fever and he has been acting like regular spunky Elliot. Really people I do actually take very good care of my children and they are hardly ever sick. Although I have called the Dr. 3 times over the last two weeks to have the same response of "its just hayfever it will pass in the next few days, however if it doesn't call back." Well I called back this morning because he actually was very wheezy this morning and has a fairly raspy sounding cough. I asked the Dr. if developing pneumonia common for kids in the sumer she said "no" of course and that both kids now need to go to the asthma allergy specialist once Elliot is better. So I will call and see if they squeeze Elliot in with Grace so we can kill two birds with one stone:) Good news is he is not contagious and can go back to school tomorrow. Bad news is we are missing our first two football games of the season and P.E. for the week.
I just wish they would listen to you when you call into the office, a Mommy knows when there is something up with her bugs!!

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