Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What is normal and who really cares?

Recently I had a conversation with a friend about her childs first day of school. As she was describing the environment and the teacher and all that goes along with that she made some comments referring to her childs behavior and the teachers response to it. She said I am just waiting for her to recommend that he be put on medication for his exuberance and excitement for life and to me he is just "normal". Although I know she didn't even realize what she was saying at the time and I know with all of my heart she didn't mean to offend me at all it did offend me a bit.

As many of you know we had similar experiences with my amazing Elliot last year. Oh man what a journey that was and how I struggled with the thought of my child being one that may need a bit of help in the area of self control and focus. Because in my mind he was "normal". Well let me just tell you we did come to find that my Elliot did have something that is referred to as ADHD and he did need the help of medication. I struggled with feeling like I was failing him, feeling like I was taking the easy way out, feeling like this diagnosis was something negative and something to be hard on myself about. But then I stepped back and looked at the situation with the Truth... God made each and everyone of us perfectly and specifically to fulfill a purpose in this world that will bring Him Glory. And I realized that God also calls me to do what is best for Elliot and what helps Elliot succeed in this life. Elliot is perfect in Gods eyes as well as mine. There isn't a single one of us who could stand back and say we don't struggle in a certain area. There are also many people in this world that do need help of a medication to get through each day and thank God for Dr.s that God has used to come up with these.
So I would say that this diagnosis is partly what makes Elliot "normal" not different or set apart. And this is what I am teaching him.

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Jan Kok said...

Wonderful insights on this post Jessica~ Interesting too that I read it today as I was at MOPS this AM and there was a young mom there with her two young sons. One a 'special needs child' and she was very concerned that someone would be able to care for him while she attended the MOPS meeting. I've thought of her all day. She truly needs some "me time" and what a great place to get it! And, it occurs to me that each and every one of us is a 'special needs person' in one way or another~at times we all need extra care, help, assistance (sometimes with meds). Hopefully we can all look at each other through the loving...accepting eyes of Jesus! Blessings on you and yours =) ~ Jan