Wednesday, September 23, 2009


There are two men in town that have decided to sponsor an orphanage in India through and organization called Kidstown. Last year they asked our Bible study to help sponsor the little girls in their orphanage by sending cards and pajamas and small things that they may need but to also pray for them on a regular basis. We each were given a little girl. My little girls name is Resha and in the picture she doesn't have a lot of hair because they all got a bad case of lice so last year they all had their heads shaved to solve that problem. I haven't gotten a new picture of her this year yet, however I did get a letter from her today. She touches my heart because she is in second grade and almost the same age as my Elliot however their lives are so different. Her father abandoned their family and her mother remarried. However her stepfather didn't want her because of the financial obligation to care for her:( It breaks my heart.
Anyway we have been pen-palling in a way. I have been sending her short messages and stickers and other small things that can fit in an envelope and in return I get neatly written letters from her that she has written in English with the help of her host family. To keep everything fair they have asked us not to send large gifts to the girls but to organize things within our group so each girl gets something of equal value. So last year we sent them a box full of jump ropes, pajamas and dolls. I am not sure what sort of box we will assemble this year but I am just so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of her life. She always says that she is praying for me and asks me to pray for her. and I think how blessed am I to have her praying for me when she has so little.
If you find time maybe you could pray for Resha and her house sisters as well.

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