Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Jager Crazy Season Has Begun


From Mothers Day to September I feel bombarded. Holidays, the kids birthdays (need I remind you 12 days apart), Brians birthday, my birthday, our anniversary, summer vacation, VBS, Spring Recital, and tons of other things. And we are still in the middle of a remodel.

This usually translates into stress and a feeling that resembles being put into a washing machine during a spin cycle. After its over and school gets back into full swing I look back and think how did we make it out in one piece.

This year though I am going to attempt to enjoy each moment one at a time for what they are. Not worrying about whats to come, just soaking and basking in the joy that surrounds me. In preparation the kids have already agreed to share their friend parties this year. We will still celebrate each of them separately with family on their individual birthdays but I think 3 parties instead of 4 is just one way I can enjoy my life a little more. So Carnival Party it is complete with games, a cotton candy and party popcorn machine (thank you Verizon), a photo booth and face painting. Doesn't this sound like fun...oh and don't forget the 20+ kids running around my yard for 2 hours:) We have downsized on our anniversary this year by agreeing to forgo a trip and just enjoy a nice romantic dinner for two at a local restaurant. The other thing I am trying to do say no to some extras, I generally stink at this but I am praying that God can help me learn how this works. These three decisions have already helped me to breathe a little easier at night.

So stay tuned for all of the happy celebrations on our list over the next weeks to come. First stop our anniversary which is May 25...8 years "o" love.

Oh and by the way who doesn't want to just squeeze those little frosting covered cheeks. I can't believe my babies will be 5 and 7 this year:(:)

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