Thursday, May 6, 2010

Jesus' Love For Others and For Me

The last two weeks of Children's Church I have been teaching about Jesus' Love for them and how they can share this gift with others. I to have been challenged by the lessons and have been praying that God would use me in this way. I have felt used but at the same time the lessons have made me aware of the way others have been showing me Jesus' love. I have had so many kind notes, offers to help, hugs and prayers that I feel so full to the brim with love that I could really burst.

The other thing I was just challenged with yesterday was from Willie at Bible Study. It was a challenge really. She challenged up to really need and desire our husbands. And not in a physical way in a relational, emotional, and somewhat spiritual way. For God has given them to us to be our partners in life. Now this is a hard thing for me, you know I am really a do it herself kind of gal. It is hard for me to ask for help and it can be hard for me to let down my wall enough to let others in. This includes my husband. So often he gets the leftovers of me and lately the leftovers aren't so much but scraps. I have been running around like a chicken with her head cut off and at times purposefully avoiding parts of my reality in efforts to numb some of the pain. This isn't fair to anybody including me. In saying all of this I am going to take Willies challenge, I am going to be present and I am going to allow myself to need him for me:) It actually sounds very romantic.....

This pretty much wraps up my week. Work has been really nice even though it is a lot. It is really nice for me to direct my focus elsewhere and allow myself to get lost in the food coma. Today I mad 12 dozen empanadas, a strawberry rhubarb cheesecake, some herb ricotta spread, cookies, and some other yummy stuff. Back to work tomorrow and I know I need to make about 12 dozen mushroom spring rolls along with much else.

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